Highlights of the Friday, May 3rd Boys Soccer game between East at #2 Laramie.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game.

After a number of near misses by both teams at the same net, the Plainsmen put something together on the other side of the field, to beat the Thunderbirds.



Truth be told…there have been a number of times that a ball has hit the fan. You know that might actually make an indoor game a little more unpredictable.

East at #2 Laramie…first half…Laramie wearing the yellow…here comes a free kick from about 40 yards out and that one almost got by Dalton Haas, but the sophomore was able to reel that ball in and get 2 arms around it…and that ended up saving a goal for the time being.

The Plainsmen had the better attack plan in the first 40 minutes…Blake Wright is in a foot race with a defender…the goalie is coming out…there’s a very narrow pathway to the open goal and the freshman did not miss by much. It was one of those games and you’re going to see more in a little bit. We have a scoreless tie going into halftime.

Second half…both teams now going in the opposite direction…East is now on the offensive, but there must have been some mystical force preventing the ball from going into the net on the right side of the field…Luis Morilion’s shot will get a big groan from the crowd, as the ball hits the cross-bar and heads in the other direction…and the game played on, but there was more to come.

About 2 minutes later…this one had spectacular goal written all over it for Caleb Pushcar…great move, but he too…was denied by the cross-bar. I think he got a little too excited, and it cost him. Nothing doing scoring-wise so far and it stayed that way for quite awhile.

Let’s see if we can get anything going on the other end…it just might work. Wright sees another small opportunity on the far side of the net. This time he’ll keep it on the ground and hits paydirt with about 10 minutes to go. That was much needed, and the home team was able to hang on in the final minutes to collect the win at the UW Indoor Facility…1-nil.