State Wrestling 2012 is over.

After the dust settled, The Gillette Camels have won their 10th straight 4A title. The Camels beat beat runner up East by 46 points. Gillette only won 2 weights.

Powell won the 3A crown for the first time since winning back to back titles in 08 and 09. The Panthers beat the rest of the field by 33. Douglas was 2nd. The Panthers put 15 in the top six places and won 2 titles.

The closest race was that in 2A. Cokeville held off Lovell by a point and a half. Moorcroft was third. The Panthers got a lead in the smaller weights winning five titles up to the 170 pound class. They put eight in the finals. Cokeville has won six of the last seven 2A titles and wins their 2nd in a row. To counter, Lovell put five in finals and won three of them to get close.

Other notes:

3-time state champs: Cody Vichi (Rock Springs), Dani Fischer (Gillette), and Olie Olson (Powell).

Dino Collins of Lovell went undefeated on the season.