Teams got to work on a busy opening weekend, and many made the most of it.

Here are the standings, for games played up to and including December 13.

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4A East:

Laramie 2-1


4A West:

Natrona 1-2


3A Northeast:

Buffalo 3-0

Douglas 1-2

Worland 0-0


3A Southeast:

Rawlins 3-0


3A Northwest:

Lovell 2-0

Cody 0-3


3A Southwest:

Jackson 0-3


2A Northeast:

Wright 2-1


2A Southeast:

Burns 2-2

Lusk 1-2


2A Northwest:


2A Southwest:

Lyman 3-0


1A Northeast:

Kaycee 2-1

Midwest 2-1

Upton 2-1

Hulett 0-3


1A Southeast:

Glendo 0-0

H.E.M. 0-3


1A Northwest:

Dubois 1-2


1A Southwest: