Every team that played games last weekend, did so at various tournaments, which gave them idea on what kind of competition is out there.

Here are the standings for games played up to an including August 30th.

Click on various team names, to go their respective page, so you can see their schedule.

4A East:

Laramie 2-3


4A West:

Natrona 4-1


3A Northeast:

Buffalo 5-1

Douglas 5-1

Worland 3-3


3A Southeast:

Rawlins 4-1


3A Northwest:

Lovell 7-0

Cody 5-2

Powell 1-4

Lander 0-5


3A Southwest:

Jackson 3-3


2A Northeast:

Wright 5-0


2A Southeast:

Burns 1-4

Lusk 0-5


2A Northwest:


2A Southwest:

Lyman 4-2


1A Northeast:

Kaycee 5-0

Upton 3-2

Hulett 2-2

Midwest 1-4


1A Southeast:

H.E.M. 5-0

Glendo 0-0


1A Northwest:

Dubois 2-3


1A Southwest: