Highlights of the Friday, August 31st football game between H.E.M. at #3 Kaycee.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

The Buckaroos scored in many ways through-out the game en route to a victory over the Miners.



Someone needs to remind the score-board operator, that it’s a 10 minute clock per quarter in 6-man football! That’s ok though…it just means more highlights!

H.E.M. at Number 3 Kaycee…first quarter…H.E.M. wearing the white…and they were looking to make an early and very deep statement…Rylie Richardson uncorks one and he’s looking for Jeremy Manning who’s on the run…55 yards to paydirt…the Miners dig up the first score of the game and lead 7-nothing.

Then the Buckaroos would get in the saddle and go…James Caro takes the pitch and he’s going long range himself…not quite as far, but 23 yards to Markus Koch is far enough to answer…follow that up with a 2-point kick and the home takes an 8-to-7 advantage after the first 10…er…12 minutes.

2nd quarter…Kaycee was looking to add on…Caro was looking one way…finds no one open, so he has to scramble…he sees someone going the other way, so he takes a gamble and it worked…15 yards to Hayden Fauber…and the freshman reels it in to make the score 16-to-7.

Hanna-Elk Mountain-Medicine Bow then went back to what was working…long balls…and this one was better than the last one…Richardson lets ‘er fly again…watch the ball…it goes off of Richardson’s shoulder pads and somehow he makes the catch…and shakes loose from a would-be tackler…he’s gone…65 yards…luck and skill worked together that time…visitors still trail, 16-13.

This ride was getting a little bumpy for the Buckaroos, but they knew how to handle it. Caro had to reverse direction twice before he found someone open…he did a lot of back peddling, so even though this looks like a deep pass…it was only for 13 yards, but Koch was able to just reach over the defender and snag that ball away for the touchdown…that increases the lead to 24-13.

The Miners were not ready to cave in just yet…here’s a short range strike from Richardson to who else…Manning…this one from 15 yards…the 2 hooked up 3 times and that was the third one…no conversion so the scoreboard reads 24-to-19.

The home team had their own 1-2 combo…it’s called Caro and Koch…the 2 seniors were on the same page for this 3 yard hookup…Kaycee with another 2-point kick and it’s now 32-to-19.

Time is running out before the break, but H.E.M. would get one more in…Richardson is starting to run out of room on the far side and he needs somebody…Joe Griffith is just on the other side of the goal line…15 yards away…he held on to the ball just long enough for the ref to signal the score, and the Miners were hanging around…trailing 32-to-25.

Actually there was still 1 second left on the clock…and in football, that’s plenty of time…Caro picks up the squib kick…gets some blocking…there’s the buzzer from the scoreboard and that was his cue to go…he’ll spin his way out 1 tackle…zig zag another…en route to a 50 yard kickoff return…the Buckaroos go into the locker room up 40-to-25.

3rd quarter…this play had disaster written all over it…Fauber should’ve just taken the sack for the safety…instead he handed the ball to Richardson, who will walk in for a 2-yard pick 6…you can give him gifts like that anyday…he’ll take them…Hanna-Elk Mountain-Medicine Bow now trails 40-to-31.

But then the boys in blue would regroup…and reach into their bag of tricks…this is Beau Lund taking the reverse and going around the other way. He’s only got 1 defender to beat and he’ll just get past the goal line for the 14 yard touchdown…Kaycee prefers to kick after their scores, so they are now up 48-to-31.

Back comes H.E.M….Richardson…looking for a new target and he’s got one in the form of Quade Palm and he’s off to the races for 34 yards…the score would be a little closer if the Miners could work on their P-A-T tries…so they’re still down 48-to-38.

But the home team was looking for a good ride cowboy…Caro has already thrown for 4 TD’s…and here’s comes the 5th one…12 yards on the fade to Lund and it was just another day at the office…home team is still on top by a score of 56-to-38.

Then they’d switch things up and go to the running game…and maybe they should do this more often…Fauber on the end around…and he’ll get some great blocking and go untouched for 50 yards to the promised land…that looked pretty easy. Buckaroos now have a 62-to-38 advantage, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter…the Miners still had one last dig left in them…this is R.J. Seaman checking in from 12 yards to help the cause, but his team needs more, down 62-to-44.

The day belonged to the boys in blue and here comes the finishing touches…Philip Renkert gets in on the act with this 13 yard run…Kaycee would later tack on a field goal which is worth 4 points in 6-man…and the home team would start the season off on a good note…winning 74-to-44.