Highlights of the Friday, February 10th boys basketball game between Cokeville at #1 Little Snake River.

Watch the highlights of the game!



This guy has the right idea. The walking cane doubles as a hat rack. I’ll have to remember that when I reach his age.

Cokeville at Number 1 Little Snake River…first quarter…Little Snake River wearing the white…let’s start these highlights off with some defense…Miles Englehart says talk to the hand buddy! You’re not doing that in the snake pit!

On the other end…the Rattler offense went to work…Connor Lee is in the corner…and he’s causing some trouble in a hurry…that’s the first 3 of his 12 points and his team is on the scoreboard.

Of course what he could do from one side…he also could do from the other…here comes 3 more from the junior and he’ll bury another one. The defending 1A state champs quickly jumped out to an 8-zip lead.

Cokeville had a hard time getting started, but eventually they got it going…Brendon Cook is making a deposit at the bank…he led his team with 14 points and the Panthers are down 9-to-2.

But the undefeated Rattlers were looking for opportunities to strike and they found plenty of them…Rex Stanley is open inside the paint for 2 of his 16 points…that contribution put his team up 11-to-2.

They were pulling out all the stops and some plays were just that easy…Daniel Wille slips in the back door and that proves my point…home team goes up 13-to-4.

L-S-R was scoring from just about everywhere…Englehart…he’s going to count to 3…and then he’s going to move the ball! 17 points for the senior…and his team is taking no prisoners, up 16-to-4.

The undefeated Rattlers were striking often in this game…Englehart again…eyes it…spies it…and buys it for 3 more…this game was getting out of hand quickly with the score at 19-to-6.

The defense and transition game was clicking as well…Stanley rips off that pass and he’s taking it the other way. He’ll put just enough on that shot to get the ball over the rim and in…the home team is cruising up 21-to-6.

I’m sure you’re wondering…where was the defense? Well Dustin Davis has certainly had enough and he’ll get the swat from behind…but the Panthers were still in a 23-to-6 hole after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the rout was on…Wille go for 2? Or Wille go for 3…ummm well the 3 point shot is a lot prettier looking. He’ll take it. Little Snake River is up 26-to-6 at this point.

As for the opposition…well…this just was not their game, but they tried…Cody Nate is going to get the bucket and the whistle for Cokeville…but they had a lot more to do, trailing 26-to-8.

The Rattlers were just sinking their fangs into their prey all game long…Lee gets the interception and he’s got a pretty easy path to the hoop…that would build up the score to 28-to-8.

Later…the home team was just squeezing out every point that they could get their hands on…someone forgot about Stanley…and he’d make the opposition pay…L-S-R has been blowing out their opponents by an average of almost 30 points per game..and are now up 34-to-9.

Let’s get someone else in here…how about Manuel Quinteros…someone might want to get a hand in his face next time…that looked like a routine play…Little Snake River led 43-to-13, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…it was already obvious as to which team was going to win, but we’re not without mercy…we’ll give Cokeville a little bit of love…somehow Cook ended up with the loose ball..he’ll get the hoop and the hack and a chance at one more…but the boys in black are still down 55-to-17.

Ok…one more and we’ll wrap it up…Braxton Delgado gets the last highlight with a kiss off the glass for the Panthers…thankfully L-S-R would ease up on their attack plan. The final score could’ve been much worse, but they settled for a 59-to-33 win.