Highlights of the Saturday, December 10th boys basketball game between #5 Greybull and Wright.

Watch the highlights of the game!



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Number 5 Greybull at Wright…first quarter…Greybull wearing the dark blue…Travis Sylvester splits 2 defenders and finishes the job himself, as the Buffalos would jump out to a 4-nothing lead.

Wright would respond…the first shot doesn’t go but Timmy Benedict is there to pick up the pieces…and the refs would give him one more try…the 3 point play is good and the Panthers only trail 4-to-3.

The visitors would then get their main scoring threat going…Kason Clutter…and you’re going to see a lot of him in these highlights…that 3 was just the beginning and his team is up 7-to-3.

The home team was putting quite a fight…here’s Benedict add to his 17 point total with this jumper, and they only trail by 3…it’s 8-to-5.

The Buffalos started to make a charge…this is Wyatt Good going long range…and all is good for the moment…they’re up 11-to-5.

But why settle for one 3 when you can make another? That’s what Clutter was thinking when he let this ball fly…Greybull would eventually go up 16-to-5.

The Panthers would claw their way back into it…Benedict from the charity stripe…and that’s worth 2 points…not 1…that made it 16-to-7.

They’d slowly get closer…Josh Felsman is thinking 3 of his own…and that was a good idea…the home team was starting to right the ship…trailing 18-to-12.

Time is starting to run out on the quarter…but there was just enough left for Benedict to strike again from his favorite spot…he got it in ahead of the buzzer…and Wright was down 18-14 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the visitors would start to build some momentum...nice inside pass to Hayden Goton who was in the right place at the right time…Buffalos go up by 6.

Then there was still Clutter to conten with…hope you’ve been counting the points…here comes 2 more on a little floater…that has his team up 24-16.

This guy is just a sophomore so you could be seeing a lot of him in the future…you can tell he’s been practicing with the way he finishes this fast break…the refs give him a bonus and Greybull is up by 10…26-16.

But he was not selfish…he knew when to give up the ball…he’ll pass to good who had his toes on the line…but he gets a swirly and that’s worth 2 point…the Buffalos with their biggest lead so far…up 28-16.

Wright would put together a comeback…it wasn’t as pretty but you don’t get points for style in this game…Lance Rubis’s jumper is good enough and that things down to a 10 point deficit.

The Panthers tried to get their big man in close at times…Benedict is 6 foot 5 and scoring up close is one of his specialties…his team is down 28-20.

They kept getting closer…Newt Starr would put on a little razzle dazzle move to make his 2 point contribution…as the home team remained in striking distance…trailing 33-26 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…the see saw would continue to go back and forth…Slvester avoids the road blockage and Brady Shoemaker has already taken the detour behind the defender…Greybull goes back up 35-26.

Wright would come back again…Benedict takes the lob inside and he caught the defense napping on that one…they work the score down to a 3-pont deficit.

The Buffalos would not let the opposition get any closer…Clutter is going to count to 3…and then he’s going to move the ball…I still have not told you his point total..keep guess…the lead would eventually grow to 13.

But the Panthers would not stay down…Felsman takes aim from behind the arc…round and round it goes in for 3…the home team would close to within 7.

A little defense right about now would not be a bad idea…a 6 5 guy vs. a 5 8 guy…I got a feeling that the little one is going to be rejected almost everytime…sorry about that little buddy.

Let’s get someone new in here for the visitors…how about Payton Gonzales…he’ll get in on the act with this 2 point basket and his team is up 49-to-37.

The home team had a new player as well on the court…Justin Calvin is going to take full advantage of this free gift and he’ll put it under the tree…his team still has a chance…trailing 49-42 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…here’s where everything went right for Greybull, and went wrong for the Panthers…big time! There’s 3 more for Clutter…32 points ended up being his total and Buffalos were starting to pull away.

There’s not much left to show, because the visitors dominated the final quarter…out-scoring the home team 21-to-2…Goton will get the hoop and the hack on this play…his team went 3-1 in 2 days over the weekend…and the Buffalos would stomp Wright…70-to-44.