Highlights of the Thursday, February 16th boys basketball game between Kaycee at #3 Midwest.

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The Buckaroos would weather the storm and pull off the road upset of their arch-rivals.



One thing you got to learn about my job…no place is safe from way-ward basketballs…and don’t use the camera as a shield.

Kaycee at Number 3 Midwest…first quarter…Midwest wearing the white…Ty Fenster is just inside the line so that shot will go in for a long 2, but the Oilers are on the board first.

They were using some fast passes early on and it was leading to points…Chad Rinker is going to come in from the backdoor and surprise the defense…his team would jump out to a 4-zip lead.

Kaycee was taking things at a little slower pace but it was getting the job done…this is Beau Lund putting in the first 2 of his 12 points and the Buckaroos are only down 4-to-2.

Coming into this game…Midwest had already wrapped up the top seed in the 1A northeast…but they wanted to win the home finale…especially against the arch-rival…Adam VanNorman stirkes for 2 of his 20 and the home team is up 9-to-4.

The boys in blue didn’t have much to lose in this one either…except for bragging rights…Markus Koch muscles his way way for a bucket…10 points for him and the visitors are only down 11-to-9.

The Oilers though were looking to keep the pumps going in their gym…Fenster is at the top of the key and he’ll open the door for 3…23 points for the senior…his team now has a 19-to-12 advantage.

Let’s get a little defense and transition in here…Rinker will rip off somebody…now it’s just a foot-race to the other end of the court…he’d win and get 2 points just ahead of the first quarter buzzer…Midwest was in decent shape up 21-to-12 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…some plays were just wayyy too easy and here’s a great example…someone forgot about Rinker and the paint was wide open…the home would maintain their advantage up 23-15.

Then Kaycee got a little generous on this next highlight…a little too much on the inbounds pass and here comes VanNorman who will cash in on the free gift…the lead is into double digits with Midwest up 26-to-15.

The opposition would then tighten up their defense some…Jordan Larget saw that play coming from a mile away…he’s only a 5 foot 10 inch freshman. Give him a few years and he’ll grow a few more inches.

Meanwhile on the other end…the Buckaroos were slowly chipping away at the deficit…Chase Gosney can’t find anyone to pass the ball to…so he says…what the heck…I’ll shoot it. Good idea. 14 points for the freshman…his team is down 26-21.

The Oilers though were thinking long range…VanNorman wants to make a call and he’s got plenty of minutes left on his cell phone plan…that was the boost his team needed as they go back up 29-to-21.

But then the visitors would get it in gear…you’ve heard of an 8 second ride…well here comes an 8 point ride…Mathew Tehau will light this ball up for 3 and can it…Buckaroos are down 31-to-26 at this point.

Then off the inbounds…James Caro…his 3 finds nothing but net and his team is right back in this game, down 31-29.

Time is short but if they hurry they can get one more in…Lund is already way ahead of the pack…he’ll score the lay-in ahead of the buzzer…Kaycee goes on an 8-zip in the last minute before the break, and this game is tied up at 31-points a piece, going into the locker room.

Ok…watch carefully…you might see yourselves…keep watching…make sure you’re recording!

3rd quarter…the Oilers would regroup…VanNorman plants his feet, and the reward is so sweet. The 3-ball has his team back in the lead…34-to-31.

But then the Buckaroos were starting to use their speed and it was starting to pay off…Lund is already wide open on the other end of the court…he’ll cruise in for another 2, and the visitors are only down 34-33.

Later…the boys in blue were thinking about taking their first lead of the game…and it could not have come at a better time…Caro drains the 3-ball in the side pocket and now his team has the advantage, up 38-36.

That did not sit to well with the home and they were determined to right the ship…Fenster first try is rejected but he gets the loose ball…bucket and the whistle…the 3-point play now has Midwest back on top, 39-to-38.

Skipping ahead a little bit…The Buckaroos were starting to saddle up right around now…that was an ugly shot but somehow Gosney got to drop…that’s all that matters…the score is tied at 42.

The freshman was taking charge for a bit…here’s a better looking turn-around jumper…the visitors were on the move leadig this contest, 47-to-42.

And the Kaycee D was making a few plays as well…Tehau says no 2nd’s for you. Put your tray in the pile with the other dirty dishes. The Buckaroos would hold that 47-42 advantage going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…Midwest tries to come back…VanNorman intercepts the pass and he’ll take it to the far side and put it away for another 2…his team is within striking distance, down 49-to-44.

But Oilers had a little problem realizing where TeHau was…here’s comes another sophomore swat…but Kaycee has to work a little bit on their fast-break finishes, as the outlet pass could not be handled, but they saved 2 points for now.

The home team though…did not really need those 2 points…not when they can go for 3 instead…Fenster takes aim..lets ‘er fly…and connects…this is a close one…Oilers trail, 51-to-49.

But the Buckaroos were trying to buck off the compeition…quickly…Tehau is going get his points the hard way…and I do mean the hard way as he’ll take a spill, but he got the points, and 1 more…the boys in blue still have the advantage…54-to-49.

Midwest though was stepping up their defense in their own way…Fenster gets another swipe and he’s knows what to do with it…the 2 teams were trading baskets but the opposition still held the lead 54-to-51.

We need to get someone new in here…how about Garrett Kremers? He came in off of the bench just to sink that jumper and provide his team a 5 point advantage.

The big thing now is that time is starting to become a problem for the home team…Tony Butler will try to relieve some of the pressure with this 3…but Oilers were not able to do much after that.

Kaycee would stun their arch-rivals with a big road win, heading into the regional tournament…63-to-57.