Highlights of the Saturday, January 28th boys basketball game between #1 Lovell at #3 Wyoming Indian.

Watch the highlights of the game!



It just goes to show, that guys like him are never too old and out-dated to impress the ladies. Maybe I should take a few pointers.

Number 1 Lovell at number 3 Wyoming Indian…first quarter…Lovell wearing the blue…Dylan Hultgren is standing just inside the line, so that bucket only counts for 2, but it has his team on the board…but then he’s going to double his pleasure and double his fun…the Bulldogs got a back-court steal and he’ll lay in 2 more…he would score 10 on the game and his team jumps out to a 4-zip lead.

After that little hiccup, the Chiefs would get to work on their end of the court…Alvin Spoonhunter hits the brakes, and then he puts on a move and he’ll score off the jumper…his team trails 4-to-2.

As for the Bulldogs…they came to play…this is Colin May…and he may score a lot more than those 3 points…actually the senior scored 22…visitors go up 7-to-2.

The visitors were pulling out all the tricks in this one…here’s May again with a great leaner…and the boys in blue were out to a good start with a 9-to-2 advantage.

WIHS was looking for opportunities to utilize their speed and create fast-breaks such as this one…John Soundingsides will score the first 2 of his 13 points…but the home team is still down 9-to-4.

As for Lovell…they would sometimes use their height to their advantage…you probably don’t want to let Cody Savage get that close to the hoop…19 points for the junior and the Bulldogs to up 11-to-4.

The Chiefs kept hanging around…they are last year’s state runner-ups and Joseph Howell is hoping to take them one step further, even if he has to go a little bit off-balance…WIHS is still within striking distance…down 11-to-6

The visitors were digging up some points in some interesting ways…Ryan Clark take the assist and he’ll score the first 2 of his 14 points…his team would eventually go up 15-to-6.

Wyoming Indian is quite used to playing catch-up but they doing all right at it…Soundingsides for 3 more…a couple of weeks ago he dropped in 50 in a game…but he was no where’s close to that total in this one…it’s 15-to-9.

The boys in blue were getting all the bounces at times…here’s McKayan May, and he’s going to get a few friendlies from the rim and it’ll drop…it’s 21-to-9 and we’re still in the first quarter.

Seeing the Chiefs down double-digits does not happen often…Joey Aragon is going to take care of that problem with this 3-ball…this game was starting to turn into a shoot-out…the home team trails, 21-to-12.

Of course a little defense, transition and a great finish wouldn’t hurt…Soundsides gets the loose ball…he provides the alley, and Aragon provides the oop on the lay in…they were slowly coming back, down 21-14.

Let’s get another turn-over in here…Aragon is going to pick off that pass and take it the other way himself…his Chiefs were starting to build some momentum…down 23-16.

Skipping ahead a little bit…WIHS would at times try to pick their shots…it’s not normally their style but it sometimes worked…Spoonhunter drops a 3-bomb on his own…and the home team was only down 27-23 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…with this scoring going on so far, you might be wondering where the defense is…well Savage is going to tell Howell to talk to the hand…that ball is not going anywhere, towards the hoop on that shot!

The Chiefs just had to be a little bit quicker…and here’s an example…Spoonhunter can’t quite finish off this play but he’ll give it up to Aragon and he will…and WIHS is only trailing by 4…it’s 29-to-25.

Lovell would go back to work and build up the lead…Clark takes another assist and he’ll score from close range again…and that made the score 33-to-25 in a fast paced first half.

Back comes Wyoming Indian…Spoonhunter is going to split 2 defenders on this drive and get 2 points as a reward…to help bring his team back…down 33-29.

There was a lot of scoring in this game, but we’re going to skip a few highlights here and there…we can’t show all of them…May is going to take the long way around for a lay-in…it may have been extra work, but it got the job done…it’s 41-31, but the home team would answer quickly…William Clifford wants to get in on the scoring act, and he does with 3…to make it 41-to-34..Chiefs still trail.

Then it was raining 3’s for awhile on both sides…May is on the other side of the arc…and that’s where he wants to be, because he’s a good Bulldog…the advantage is back up to 10..it’s 44-34.

Back to the other end of the court…the home team had one plan in mind…it wasn’t working so Soundingsides Is going to come up with plan B…and that’s worth 3…the scoring was see-sawing a little bit…it’s 44-37.

Let’s get someone new in here…Collin Mcarthur is in the corner…and he’s starting up trouble…his 3 point contribution got the lead back up to 10 again…it’s 47-37.

Wyoming Indian was going to their bench and it started to produce some results…nice ball movement as Tyler Penatac gives it up…gets it back and the freshman gets the finish on this highlight…pretty good…his team is down 49-43.

They decided to bring in another rookie onto the court…the Chiefs find Shane Willow and he’ll find 2 points…the home team trailed 51-to-47 going into the locker room, and at the rate this game was going…both team might find one-hundred when it’s all said and done.

3rd quarter…this actually ended up being a key moment in the game…Soundingsides will take matters into his own hands and strike with another 3…the score was 56-to-50 at this point, but remember it well…because this game was never that close again.

Lovell got loose from their chain and chomped the Chiefs to little Kibbles and Bits from this point onward…Colin May is starting the party with a bang and that was just the start…it’s 59-to-50.

The boys in blue were picking up right were they left off at halftime…May…again…eyes it…spies it…buys it…there was more to come…Bulldogs lead 62-to-50.

The visitors had 5 players score in double figures in this contest…here’s the 5th one…Morgan Baxendale…the senior poured in 10 points of his own and the advantage is getting bigger…66-to-50.

Lovell could do no wrong at just about anytime in this game…here’s Baxendale again…we’ll give him a little more love on this fast-break finish..it’s 68-to-50.

Of course there was still May to contend with…he had the hot hand and was draining them from N-B-A range…remember that score from earlier? Well now it’s 71-to-50…you can do the math.

The Chiefs needed to stop the bleeding, because there were in serious trouble…nice assist to Trevor Williamson….10 points for the junior and credit Soundingsides with the assist, but WIHS is trailing big…73-to-52.

The first half of this game was exciting, but the 2nd half was out of control…McKayan May…boom…that was part of a 22-to-2 run, and this game has been blown wide open…it’s 78-to-52 right now.

Where was the defense? It was hard to find but we found it here…Soundingsides says that’s enough buddy…you’re not reaching one-hundred…Lovell led 78-to-54 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…if haven’t figured out by now…for the most part Wyoming Indian’s offense could not get anything to drop…47 points in the first but only 12 points from that point on…Ron Mitchell had 2 of them, but his team needed more then that.

The second half of this game was a bust, and this is the last highlight…we’ve shown enough…Colin May with the swat from behind…Lovell just had that good of a game as they would run the Chiefs out of their own gym…94-to-59.