Highlights of the Friday, December 9th boys basketball game between #5 Natrona and #1 Gillette.

Watch the highlights of the game!



There’s the advantage of being a male cheer-leader…you get to dance with the chicks! Why didn’t I think of that back in my day?

Number 5 Natrona at Number 1 Gillette…first quarter…Natrona wearing the grey…Jake Bratton does not have much room to manuever, but he did not need it…he’ll strike with a 3 and the Mustangs on are on the board first.

Gillette said…2 can play that game…Michael Cook is putting the pan in the oven and it smells good…Camels tie the score up at 3.

This game is a re-match of last year’s state semi-finals…Westin Hinkel has his defender beat and gets hacked for his efforts but he got the bucket and 1 more for the 3 point play…home is up 6-to-3.

N-C came right back…Rhett Bratton is at the top of the key for 3…and he’ll get the swish and the points…his team was hanging around early on, and we’re tied at 6.

The Camels were looking to rebound after losing to Rock Springs, the day before this game was played…Cody Anderson works his way in for a lay up and that would give his team a 10-6 lead.

Natrona would respond…Bratton is alone in the far corner…and you don’t want to let him do that if you’re on defense…the 3-ball in the corner pocket ties the score at 10.

Moving right along…this game stayed close for quite sometime…Cody Kelley finds the lane and goes right through it for the lay-up…the home team leads again…14-12.

They’d do a pretty good job or scoring up close…here’s Kelley again…nice reverse…count it and 1…that’s pretty good for a sophomore…Camels led 19-14 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…they would go to the biggest of their big men…Anderson is 6 feet 6 inches and it’s easy for him to score when he’s that close to the hoop….Gillette is still up 21-16.

The Mustangs made that things did not get out of control…watch Cory Peck as he’ll fake out everyone but the camera…he earned those 2 points and his team is only down 21-18.

Later…Bratton…doing what he’s done best so far…firing up 3’s and hitting them dead on…the score is tied again…this time at 21-all.

The Camels just kept using their height and scoring up close…Anderson takes the assist and finishes…26 points for the senior and the home team is back on top, 23-21.

Of course it wasn’t always the big guy…there were others like Hinkel who put in 16 points of his own…that made it 25-21 in favor of his team.

Narona was not going to go away anytime soon…and guys lke Mario Feraud would make sure of it…nice drive…nice finish…that’s worth 2 points…N-C trails 28-25.

Sometimes…you got to do it all by yourself…that’s what Kelley did here for Gillette, as he took the long way around but it got the job done…home team up 31-25.

The visitors were doing a better job with the long ball and they could set it up...Bratton draws the double team and that means that Tof Chapin was open on the near side…he contributed with 13 points…Mustangs were down 33-28 going into the locker room

3rd quarter…this see-saw game kept going up and down…Hinkel is going to take the alley and provide the oop for the bucket…that would push the lead to 7…it’s 35-28.

Natrona would chip away at that lead…Peck would collect his own miss and determination paid off for the senior…his team still has more work to do, down 36-30.

The visitors would eventually close the deficit to 4, but then the Camels would get to work…Hinkel gets things started with a 3 and that was a sign of things to come…it’s 43-37.

Then it was time for a little defense and transition…Hinkel will get the loose ball off the turn-over…and he’s taking it to the house for another bucket…Camels now lead, 45-to-37.

Then they would go to Anderson…he knew what he was supposed to do and he did it…Gillette was in a comfortable position…up 52-to-38 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…the run continued…here’s someone new…Tanner Moser…there’s a good look at him and there’s a good look at another 3-ball..it’s 55-38…then off camera Hinkel will get a back court steal and another bucket…home team is now up 57-to-38.

Let’s get a little more defense in here…Peck is trying to do something for Natrona, but he’s going to get plucked by Anderson…not today buddy…that ball is going someplace else.

The Camels were still on the attack…Moser waits for the defense to go right by him, and he’ll score with ease, to cap off a 19-to-2 run and blow this game wide open…it’s 59-to-38 in favor of the home team.

But there was a little more to come…Logan Wasson is going to get the pick and he’s got a free pass to the hoop…Gillette would take care of business in this game…winning 73-to-54.