Highlights of the Tuesday, December 6th boys basketball game, between Wright and Glenrock.

Watch the highlights of the game!



Since most high school basketball scoreboards don’t have a jumbo-tron…fans have to find other ways to play their favorite game.

Wright at Glenrock…2A vs. 3A…both of these team with 2 and 1 records coming into this game…first quarter…Wright wearing the black…and they did not waste much time off of the opening tip…Taylor Worman strikes first for the Panthers who take a 2-nothing lead.

Glenrock would go to their big man early on and he would produce…Taylor Millay…the 6 foot 7 senior transfer from Natrona…collect his own miss and scores to tie the game up at 2 points each.

The Panthers were looking for their chances to pounce and they did…Newt Starr from N-B-A range and he’ll light that one up…he scored 11 and his team is up 7-to-4.

The Herders would keep using their main scoring threat…Millay gets inside for another 2 points and they’re keeping the score close…down 7-to-6.

The visitors had to find ways to get around the big man on the other end…Starr takes the bounce pass and gets the lay-in…the boys and black go up 9-to-6.

Acutally I should say the score is Wright 9 and Millay 6 because he’s the only one who has scored for Glenrock…here another bucket…this one from longer range…he scored all the points for his team in the first quarter…right now they have 8 and trail by 1.

The Panthers were mixing things up and spreading the ball around…Josh Felsman is in the corner..and he’s causing trouble…that would get his team a 12-to-8 lead.

They could take the ball inside as well…this is Timmy Benedict..scoring 2 of his game high 18 points…and Wright was up 16-to-10 after the first 8 minutes.

The 2nd quarter was ALL Herders…literally…finally someone else scored for them…Matt Morgan gets inside for 2…and his team is down 16-to-12.

Let’s get someone else in here…how about Tyler Olsen…a freshman…from wayyyyy down-town and big things come in small packages sometimes…Glenrock is right back in this game…down 16-15.

The defense showed up as well…Millay gets the swat and Wright is going to have to go back to the drawing board on that try. The Panthers ended up scoring zero in the 2nd quarter and that hurt some!

The home team was making a push and making all the right moves…D.C. Hall is open wide on the near end and he’ll coast for an easy 2 points as his team would take the lead…17-16.

And they still had the big man which of course was Millay…16 points total…but 15 of those 16 came in the first half which made a difference later on…Herders up 19-16.

Like I said earlier…Glenrock did all the scoring in this quarter…this is David Parkinson getting in on the act…and that would cap off a 15-zip run…his team went into the locker room up 25-16.

3rd quarter…Wright was in need of some points…as soon as possible…Arren Jones gete the turn-around hook shot to go in and that would stop the bleeding for a little bit…Panthers still trail 25-18.

The Herders were still charging forward and getting inside…Hall finds a path and draws the contact and will get one more for his effort…the lead s back up to 10 at 28-18.

Then the visitors would slowly start chipping away at the deficit…Benedict couldn’t find anyone to pass the ball to, so he just decides to shoot it..and that was a good idea…his team is still down 28-20.

They’d keep working at it…watch Starr as he’ll carve a path right through the heart of Glenrock’s defense and he’ll finish with a pretty finger roll…that’s how you do it…Panthers were getting closer, and trail 28-22.

On this next highlight, he was thinking about it again…but the D was ready this time…but the boys in black had a back up plan and that was Benedict…he stands at 6 foot 5 so he could score up close as well…it’s 28-to-24 at this point.

The home team needed to do something soon or else they were going to lose the lead…Olsen is wide open for another very long ball and he’ll find nothing but net…that opened up some breathing room and the Herders would go up 31-24.

But Wright would not go away…Justin Calvin takes the long pass…hits the brakes and there goes the defender…easy 2 points…the boys in black still had work to do, down 32-26 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…they’d get closer…we haven’t seen Felsman in awhile…there he is…firing up a 3 and connecting! The Panthers are knocking on the door, down 32-29.

Glenrock’s offense was having trouble producing…so Wright would show them how it’s done…Starr from about 18 feet and it’s lights out on that one…his team still trails by 3…36-33.

The Herders would score 2 on the other end to go up by 5…but Flesman was able to do 1 better…here comes another 3…look out…the visitors were breathing down Glenrock’s neck..down 38-36.

They weren’t done…they needed another 2 points and Benedict will answer the call on this one and they had all the momentum…the boys in black were down by 10 earlier, but have rallied to tie the game at 38.

Now all they need is the lead…Starr loses…makes the save…almost takes out the camera…Benedict was in the right place at the right time….count it…and the foul! That was the difference maker…it came to free throws from there,as the Panthers earn a hard fought win over Glenrock…45-to-39.