All games played at Lander. Winners qualify for states, while the losers are done for the season.

Cody wins common opponent tie-breaker over Worland for first place in the northwest quadrant. Cody won home vs. Lander and went 0-1-1 vs. Jackson, whereas Worland tied home vs. Lander, and went 0-2 vs. Jackson. Although Cody and Worland both played Riverton and Green River at the Worland Jamboree, those 2 teams can not be factored into the common opponent tie-breaker, because those were home games for Worland, whereas for Cody, those were neutral site games.

The first place teams in each quadrant (Buffalo, Torrington, Lander, and Cody), have automatically qualified for states, and do not have to play this weekend.

Friday, May 13th:

(#3 NW) Powell 4 (#2 SE) Rawlins 0 (Winner plays Buffalo at states)

(#2 NW) Worland 5 (#3 SE) South 0 (Winner plays Lander at states)

Saturday, May 14th:

(#2 NE) Douglas 3 (#3 SW) Pinedale 2 (Shootout: 4-2) (Winner plays Cody at states)

(#2 SW) Jackson 7 (#3 NE) Newcastle 0 (Winner plays Torrington at states)