Video highlights of the Friday, December 6th girls basketball game, between #3 Big Horn vs. Burns, played at Lusk.

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The Ward twins teamed up to score 24 points, to lead the Lady Broncs to a season-opening win vs. the Lady Rams.



The temperature is below zero outside...and what is she eating? Of course...chili! I know, I know...old joke...but it does make one wonder.

#3 Big Horn vs. Burns...this game being played in Lusk...first quarter...Big Horn wearing the maroon...Bailey Bard was in the right place at the right time for the offensive rebound and put-back, which would give her team an early 6-to-2 lead.

Burns got off to a slow start, but they would eventually get going...Chelsea Engel finds McKayla Ward who would go on a base-line drive and that bucket would get the scoring started for her team is only down 6-to-4...but the Lady Rams did not waste much time getting those 2 points back...they would work the ball into're going to see a lot from her...she's just a sophomore...the score is now doubled up in this's 8-to-4.

Then the opposition would get it in gear...this is McKenzie Ward...her aim is dead-on and she'll swish that shot for 3...and that would get her team into the lead, as they would go up 12-to-8.

Big Horn responded...they were getting some second chances on a number of plays...of course crowding the paint can help with rebounds...Lauren Passini emerged with the ball and got the 2 for her team, to tie the scoreboard up at 12 points a piece.

The Lady Broncs were doing a better job with defense...Bri Bocox with the steal and she has a pretty clear path to the other side of court...that looked easy and it her team is ahead 14-to-12.

They were opening the playbook a little bit...the path was blocked for McKayla Ward but it was open for Jessica Malm who drives the baseline and scores just ahead of the buzzer...that would put Burns on top, 16-to-12 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter....they were still up to their the movement as McKayla Ward will eventually get through and score another 2 of her 11 points...that would open up some breathing it's 18-to-12.

The Lady Rams needed to get some points soon, because they were in a slump...Morgan Nance stepped on the line, so that will go down as a very long 2...but it's better than nothing. Her squad now trails 18-14.

They would get closer...Hannah Puckett is one of the senior leaders on this team...hoop and the hack...she put in 13, and now Big Horn is only down a's 20-to-18.

Then the Lady Broncs would make another move...and this time they were on the run...McKenzie Ward would feed Mardi O'Neal which resulted in 2 more points...that would increase the advantage to 26-19.

McKayla was having a pretty good game and did all of her scoring in the first half...she found the lane and drove right through...she'll get the whistle, but did not get the extra point...but Burns is now up comfortably...28-to-19.

Big Horn needed to get out of a big they went to their leading scores...Bard was the one in this game...20 points for the sophomore...but they need more, trailing 29-21.

The opposition was not about ready to give them more...McKenzie Ward got in on the scoring act as well, with 13 of her own...the advantage for Burns is at 10...31-to-21 at this point.

There was still time...and chances...Bard collects the miss and add to cause, to get the deficit back into single digits...but the Lady Rams were on the wrong end of a 31-23 score, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...they would chop away at their deficit some more...nice save in front of the bench...and then Bard will step up and knock down 3 more...her team would close to within 4...down 32-to-28.

But that was as close as it was going to get...because the opposition would go on a run...O'Neal would weave her way through and get a kiss off of the glass for 2...the lead is back up to 36-to-30.

Actually O'Neal was the one taking over for a little while...the defense forgot where she was and she would score from behind this time, now it's a 39-to-30 contest.

Let's get someone new in about Cassady Malm...Burns had the depth and the experience coming off of their bench and they were up 41-30.

The opposing team got some free throws...but the Lady Broncs had other plans...Bocox slips in the back door...that was worth 2 more...her team still has a comfortable advantage, leading 43-to-35.

This team at times was scrapping for points...Rylee Anderson recovers the loose ball and gets a medium range jumper to drop in...Burns had a 10 point cushion...up 45-to-35, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...they would finish the job early...McKenzie Ward...aims...fires...bulls-eye...3 points...the lead was swelling with the score at 48-36.

...and for good measure...McKenzie had one more to add on...the Lady Bronc did her job along with her team-mates...the game was out of reach at this point...Burns would get a W to start the season...55-to-43.