Video highlights and photos of the Friday, April 10th 4A Girls Soccer Game, between #1 Cheyenne East at #5 Cheyenne Central.

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Larissa Cussins scored with less than 2 minutes to go, as the Lady Indians beat the Lady Thunderbirds, in the conference opener for both teams.



One of these days I'm going to get one of those and use it to get aerial highlights of games...on second thought...if I did...I might be stupid enough to find a way to crash it and interfere with the action on the field.

#1 Cheyenne East at #5 Cheyenne Central...first half...East wearing the's a little crowded in front of the net...not sure who took the shot, but Abby Fearneyhough was able to knock it down and stop that threat...however, things were just getting started.

About 12 minutes in, the Lady Thunderbirds would get a great opportunity...Jessie Erickson is in a race and she will get to the ball first...sidesteps Fearneyhough...the net is open and she wasted no time punching in for work. The sophomore has learned from her older sisters who have graduated, and the score is now 1-to-nothing.

Later...the 2-time defending state champs were looking for more...Abby Morillon is going to weave her way through the defense...only to be denied in the end by Fearneyhough...the sophomore got outmaneuvered once, and she was not about ready to let it happen again.

Central was in need of some offense...Makayla McBride puts her foot down from 30 yards away...and finds the top shelf! That's the first goal that the visitors have given up all season. Now we have an interesting's 1-to-1.

Moving's a similar set up for the Lady worked before for McBride, so why not try it again? This time though Ashton Brodahl was ready for it. You are not going to pull the same stunt on her twice. The score would remain tied at 1, going into halftime.

Second half...East would try what the opposition was doing...Katie Loken had the distance from 35 yards...the ball slips away from Fearneyhough...and Morillon's put-back try was just off the mark. Right idea...just a smidge too much on the kick. Tough break...and that would make a difference in the end.

Less than 2 minutes to go...something had to give...neither team wanted overtime...Larissa Cussins decided to go for it...Brodahl was out of place...and the boys liked what they saw from behind the net. After missing out on the state tournament last year...the path for Central just got a little bit easier this time around. They would surprise their cross-town rivals...2-to-1.