Highlights of the Friday, April 13th boys soccer game, between #5 Star Valley at Cody.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

After a high scoring 1st half between both teams, action slowed in the 2nd half, and the defending state champs were able to hold on for the win.



I hope you brought enough for everyone. The concession stand is closed and there are some hard working camera guys that are very hungry!

Number 5 Star Valley at Cody…first half…Cody wearing the white…Trey Jackson is going to outmaneuver 2 defenders…outrun another one and slip the ball past the diving goalie…that takes some skill and the senior would show that he had it! The Broncs are on the board first, leading 1-to-nothing.

That only took about 4 minutes…and 4 minutes later…the home team was at it again. Nice pass to Joe Caulton. The opposition tried everything that they could do, to mess him up, but he stayed with it and his concentration was rewarded with a goal into an open net. You can tell someone’s been practicing. The defending state champs are now up 2-nil…and the game is only 8 minutes old.

There was more to come. If you thought that last highlight was something…watch this one. Wyatt Fabrizio zigs…zags…shoots…scores. Just another day at the office for him. The Broncs were taking command with a 3-zip advantage.

Star Valley would eventually strike back. They got good speed and they’d use it here. Brian Burton centers the ball up for Hereclides Neto who will weave his way around a couple of defenders and then find just enough room to slip the ball between the goalie and the goal post. He came all the way from Brazil just to score that goal, and his Braves are still down 3 to 1 at this point.

Cody did not waste much time getting that goal back. The defense forgot about Fabrizio and he would make them pay as he would skirt the ball along the ground and into the far corner of the net for another score. It’s the 2nd one of the game for the senior and the home team would regain their advantage, leading 4-to-1.

We are still in the first half…the last 4 goals happened in the last 10 minutes and here’s the final one. Neto fires one from the corner. The Cody goalie and a defender crash into each other and knock the ball into their own net. The visitors will take it. It doesn’t matter how the ball goes in, just as long as it goes in. Star Valley still had more catch up work to do…trailing 4-to-2 going into halftime.

With everything that happened in the first 40 minutes…the 2nd half was pretty boring by comparison, but there were a few moments. Great save by Trey Kaut, but the defense did not do him any favors, as they would commit a foul in the box. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The Braves were awarded a penalty kick as a result…Cody Call is looking for the top shelf and makes the connection. The visitors are right back in this game and are only down 4-to-3.

Not much else happened after that…things pretty much settled down, although Fabrizio had a few opportunities for the hat trick…Travis Kinslow would deny him that privledge, but in the end the Broncs would not need it. They would hang to get the W…4-to-3.