Whether it's a slip of the tongue or a hot-headed reaction, saying the wrong word out loud, at the wrong person can land you in hot water, at any level in the world of sports.

Scott Shaffer, the now former track coach at Cody High School, officially resigned today (November 21st), after the WHSAA upheld their original decision of punishment, over an explicative that he said, at a cross-country meet back in September.  This according to the Cody Enterprise.

At the meet, a Cody runner and a runner from Douglas made contact with each other during the race.

Shaffer later then dropped an explicative on the Douglas runner in a threatening manner...the incident was witnessed by a coach from Natrona County High School.

Shaffer was terminated by the Cody High School Superintendent, but the school board partially over-turned that decision, allowing him to stay on board as track coach.

School officials then filed a complaint with the WHSAA, and earlier this month, the WHSAA voted to put the Cody HS athletic program on probation. Any team coached by Shaffer would be disqualified from post-season competition.

The Cody school board voted to appeal that decision. Back on Friday (November 18th), the WHSAA along with the 2 runners involved in the incident, and the NC coach who witnessed it, got together to discuss the issue, and the original ruling stood.

Shaffer will remain at Cody High School as a computer science teacher.

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