Highlights of the Saturday, April 14th girls soccer game, between #5 Jackson at #1 Cody.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

After giving up an early goal for the 2nd game in a row, the Cody Fillies would get it in gear and beat the 4-time defending state champs.



There has been a recent spike in sales of Etch-a-Sketches. It may an old toy, but it’s good to see that today’s generation is checking it out.

Number 5 Jackson at Number 1 Cody…first half…Jackson wearing the black and the 4-time defending state champs would strike first. Morgan Shippen with the initial shot…the Cody goalie can not corral the ball…and Pamela Arland showed up just in time to knock in the rebound into the open net. That’s a good way to start off the game, and the Lady Broncs would take a 1-nothing lead.

Cody would eventually strike back. Sami Heimer is surrounded by defenders, and so all she can do is put up one of those…what the heck type shots. That ball would drop and the freshman would get a friendly bounce off of the goal post. Sometimes you just got to take that chance. This game is now tied up at 1-goal a-piece.

The Fillies were starting to establish their rhythm and that’s usually not a good thing if you’re the opposition. Faith Hamlin knew she was in a jam, with 2 players closing in that close to the net. That was pretty much the only thing she could have done. It saved a goal and we’re tied at 1, going into half-time.

2nd half…the home team had a new strategy. Put Bridget Schumacher in the corner and let her cause all sorts of trouble! I wonder if she takes up bowling in her spare time. That was a great hook shot that could take out any 7-10 split. Cody takes a 2-to-1 lead.

This next highlight looks like the last one. It features Schumacher…it features a corner kick…but not this time. Alyssa Prosceno would put a head on that shot, but Hamlin was able to knock it down and smother the ball, before anymore damage could be done. Good reaction by the sophomore goalie.

On the other end…the visitors were trying to get an equalizer. This was their best effort. Shippen has enough height to get over the goalie, but it was a little too much as the shot hits the cross-bar and goes out of bounds. Cody is establishing themselves as the team to beat in 3A so far. They win this game, 2-to-1.