Highlights of the Saturday, April 13th Girls Soccer game between #2 Jackson at #1 Cody.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game and scroll to the bottom to see a photo gallery.

After dropping their first game of the season the day before, the Fillies put things back together in a high scoring affair vs. the Lady Broncs.



They might be on to something…soccer could be a lot less painful if we had a soft bouncy surface to run around on. Maybe I’ll market that idea.

#2 Jackson at #1 Cody…first half…Jackson wearing the black and we almost missed this one…Julie Cervantez has her initial shot blocked, but was able to recover quickly and put the ball into the open net with ease. That would give the visitors a 1-nothing lead, about 10 minutes into this game.

Cody needed all of 3 minutes to answer back…off of the free kick…the ball squirts free from Faith Hamlin…Darby Bell was able to get to it first and knock it in for the equalizer...the senior had a good game and you’ll see more from her…this game is now tied at 1.

About 3 minutes after that…here comes more from the Fillies…Chloe Winkler dribbles a grounder to the far side of the net and Hamlin mis-judged that one. Let’s just say she had a bad day…and now the defending 3A state champs have taken a 2-to-1 lead.

On the other end…Cody got called for a hand-ball in the box…Jessica Freeze will ice this penalty kick and slip it by Raven Johnson…who did not miss by much. Just wait until later though…there would be another opportunity. We have a 2-2 game going into halftime.

Second half…talk about right place, right time…or wrong place, wrong time…this corner kick will bounce off of Michelle Slaughter and off of Michelle Lam’s head for the goal. I think she was a little surprised by that play herself, but the junior is not complaining…because now her team is back on top 3-to-2.

Later…here comes Bell again…launches one from 25 yards out and she just rung up one of those what the heck type shots. Sometimes they work and now the home team has the score doubled up. It’s now 4-to-2.

But the senior was not done…she just needed Lam to do her thing first…watch as she slips 3 defenders…and then set up the assist for Bell, who will chime in again to finish off the hat trick. Cody lost their first game of the season, the day before this game…but they responded well and have a 5-to-2 advantage.

However…this game was not over, as the visitors would mount a comeback. Freeze’s shot hits a defender…the Fillies did not do a good job of clearing out the ball, and Jenny Garcia would put a light little lift into her kick and that got the job done. There’s still some time as the Lady Broncs now trail 5-to-3.

Here comes another penalty kick…Freeze again, but this time Johnson says quote the Raven nevermore. That was enough of that, as Cody would salvage a weekend split of their games…winning this one…5-to-3.