Highlights of the Friday, May 4th girls soccer game, between #4 Laramie at #3 Cheyenne East.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

With less than 1 minute to go in overtime, Laramie would score on a free kick to escape Okie Blanchard Stadium with a win.



Well, those are not quite exactly monkey bars, but as long as it keeps the children amused and active.

Number 4 Laramie at Number 3 Cheyenne East…first half…Laramie wearing the maroon…trying a corner kick play but Shayne Carter was ready for it and the sophomore can add another save to her totals.

On the other end…East trying a more direct approach…they’ll keep it on the ground and Rachel Rettinger did not have much trouble putting the brakes on that ball. Not much excitement was going on in the early stages of this game.

Later…The Lady Plainsmen kept trying for the near corner, thinking that they were going to slip one through…that ball looked like it was going out, but Carter did not want to take any chances. Eh..better safe than sorry, I suppose.

The visitors kept trying though…there’s a lot of traffic in front of the net. Megan Dooley and Carter collide in front of the net…the ball is loose…the net is open and Kirsti Gapter knocks the ball in for a goal…no time to celebrate though. Must tend to the injured…everyone was ok. Laramie lead 1-nothing going into halftime.

2nd half…the Lady Thunderbirds would try a new plan of attack. They work it out of the corner, and then take their shot. Rettinger got a hand up though to make the save and last year’s state runner-ups would maintain their 1 goal advantage.

The visitors were looking for a little insurance. Hailey Hamilton is going to try to slip in between Carter and the goal post, but the sophomore will deny access to the net. This was starting to turn into a pretty good game.

But the home team needed a goal soon, or else they were going to be staring a loss in the face. Rettinger is able to deflect the initial shot off of the cross-bar, but the ball lands right in between her and Drake Makenzie who knocks in the rebound with her head. She was in the right place at the right time. This game is tied up at 1 goal a piece.

There was still some time left on the clock so Laramie would give it another try. This shot is going to try to bounce in front of Carter and over her, but the Lady Thunderbird goalie got her hands up at the last second to swat that shot away. We still have a tie score so both teams are heading into overtime.

Skipping ahead to the 2nd 10 minutes…on this highlight, the line judge would call interference on East just outside the box. That ended up being the turning point in the game.

Less than 1 minute to go…the Lady Plainsmen are awarded a free kick because of the foul. Natalie Davis puts enough into the shot to knock the ball off of Carter’s finger-tips and into the net for the game winning goal. There was not enough time for East to put anything together after that. Laramie slips by with a 2-to-1 overtime win.