Highlights of the Sunday, May 6th legion baseball doubleheaders, between the Douglas Cats and the Wheatland Lobos.

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The defending 'A' league state champs start the season off right with a DH sweep.



Put me in coach. I’m ready to play today. Well, he may be good at getting balls, but I question his ability with a bat.

The Douglas Cats at the Wheatland Lobos for a double-header…first game, top of the 2nd…Douglas batting…Austin Zimner trying to go deep into left center field…not quite enough to get out of here, but enough to get to the wall…enough for a double…enough for an R-B-I as Tell Dyer scores to get the Cats a 1-nothing lead.

Top of third…Wheatland scores on a wild pitch and a sac fly to go up 2-to-1…the defense comes through here as Anthony Apadaca and Joe Hageman team up to take out the runner heading for second and that would take care of that.

Top of the 5th…the visitors trying the hit and run play…Sam Malone does his job with the infield hit…Luke Andrews is taking a big gamble and he’s going home..thankfully Apadaca could not handle the throw…this game is tied up at 2-runs a piece.

The Cats were looking for more, but hitting the ball right back to the pitcher is not going to get it done. Grady Corbett is caught in a run-down between 3rd and home, and Apadaca is going to redeem himself from earlier as he’ll apply the tag for the out and that would save a run for a little while.

Same inning…Wheatland trying to pick off the runner at first, but Apadaca and Braden Fagenbush can not connect at first base…the error opens the door for Malone to trot home and his team would take a 3-to-2 advantage.

Bottom of the 5th…the Lobo bats finally got going. Tyler Pollock will go the opposite way for a single with runners in scoring position. Dave Nelson scores to tie the game at 3…Apodaca hit the brakes at 3rd. Wheatland would score 2 more runs off of passed balls to go up by a score of 5-to-3.

A few batters later…Fagenbush would start heating up himself…that’s a long way to throw the ball from 3rd to 1st and he’ll beat the throw and get a RBI for his efforts as Brendon Ruwart will touch the plate to make it a 6-to-3 game.

Next…Scott Huckfeldt with a texas leaguer into left center field…that’ll get the job done and allow Fagenbush to head in and score for the Lobos, who are starting to take control of this game, now leading 7-to-3.

Bottom of the 6th…Fagenbush…just like the Hulk…he’s mean…he’s green…and he smashes. We did not see the ball go out of here, but you can tell by the left fielders body language, that it did. A 3-run blast and that was more than enough to give the Wheatland Lobos the W in their season opening game…10-to-3.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled golf game, to bring you the 2nd second part of this double-header.

Top of the second…the pitching got off to a great start…Colby Geile went the first 2 innings and struck out 3 which is pretty good this early in the season. The Lobos would rotate guys on the mound.

Bottom of the 2nd...the home team already up 1-nothing on a wild pitch…bases loaded for Becket and he’s going to unload almost all of them of this hit. The left fielder can’t come up with the ball and here comes the runs. Ruwart, Geile and Nelson comes around to score…Becket would end up with a triple when it was all said and done…Lobos jump out to a 4-zip advantage.

Then all they had to do was get him in…which they would as Pollock goes the opposite way again…hey whatever works…there’s another run for the scoreboard, and it’s now 5-to-nothing.

Bottom of the 3rd…Wheatland up 6-zip on a wild pitch…Hageman with a bouncer to short and the defense can not come up with it…that went down as an error…Ruwart cashes in on the mscues to gives his team a 7-zero advantage.

Top of the 4th…new pitcher for the home team…same result..that was Becket on the mound that time as he got in a couple of innings himself and struck out 3.

Bottom of the 4th…Pollock at bat…it sounds like he got all of that one…it looks like he got all of that one…and he did. The center fielder will run out of room and watch that ball go bye-bye. It’s a solo shot and the defending ‘A’ league state champs were in firm control of this game…up 8-zip.

Bottom of the 5th…they were going for the finish, but it needed a little work. Becket puts the ball in play and he’ll get a base hit for his efforts…Hageman is going to try to score from second, but he needs a little more hustle on this one. Credit to Andrews in left field for the throw…Cody Lebert will apply the tag for the out…although another wild pitch later on would give the Lobos a 9-nothing advantage.

Top of the 6th…the bid for a no-no is gone…Ty Igo hits into the fielders choice…the defense chooses to get him out at first, but it pushes a run across for Douglas, however they needed more then that, down 9-to-1.

Same inning…Pollock on the mound…and sitting them down. Ruwart punched out a couple himself. 4 Wheatland pitchers combine for 12 K’s, giving only 1 run and 1 hit.

Bottom of the 6th…the home team was going for the mercy rule although they could not quite get it. They’d have to settle for this single by Critter Ruwart which will allow Fagenbush to touch the plate..the Lobos would get the double-header sweep to start the season…winning game 2…10-to-1.