Video highlights and photos of the Friday, April 10th 4A Boys Soccer game, between #4 Cheyenne East at Cheyenne Central.

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After 80 minutes with no score, Finley McIlwaine need 4 more minutes to score the lone goal for the Thunderbirds, which would hold up against the Indians.



Although it is the landing pad for the pole them, it's front row seats to the game. It would be a whole lot more fun though, if the pad was a big balloon that you could jump on.

#4 Cheyenne East at Cheyenne Central...first half...East wearing the blue...Finley McIlwaine takes the shot...and Austin Brandes had to wait to see if it was going to be redirected. The junior reacted just in time to smother the ball to save a goal, and things were just getting started.

The Thunderbirds would press on with their attack in the early goings...Dawson Eldred will try one from the near side, but Brandes had that part of the net covered. He had 7 saves in this contest which is pretty good in most cases.

The visiting team was being more aggressive...and that lead to more scoring opportunities...Alex Corbin's shot is knocked down by Brandes...McIlwaine tries to follow up, but he gets denied by the goal post. They were getting their chances, they just could not get a break.

On the other end...Central had a few moments here and there...this was their best shot...Ross Elliot takes aim for the far side and connects...normally this would be cause for celebration...but his joy would turn to goal! Major bummer...and the game had to continue from there.

There's no offsides on this free kick try...Hayden Humphrey from roughly 60 yards...he's got the distance and all Dalton Hass could do was swat it out of bounds.  6 saves for the senior and not 1 ball got by him. He'll take those numbers anyday.

Meanwhile, East was still knocking on the door...Caleb Pushcar sees a lane and Brandes had to make another dive just to get a stop. With all these close calls...sooner or later, something was going to happen. No score going into halftime.

Second half...the Indians were trying to play more like their opponent in terms of intensity...great move by Elliot, but his shot was right at Hass. He's probably a bit frustrated right about now, and frankly I can't blame him.

...and just to make things even more's a good set up by the home team...Evan Ellsworth tries to center the ball for Elliot and the 2 can not make the connection. They were just a smidge off. It was one of those games, where the timing was off one way or the other.

When it rains it pours is the saying...Humphrey with a good delivery on the free kick, but he gets rejected by the goal post...and the putback try by Spencer Miller is off target as well. What do these guys have to do, in order to get one in the net? They have been practicing, it just has yet to pay off.

Let's try again...Central was determined! Not sure who fired off that shot, but it was a beauty...and so was Hass' save. He had to work for that one. This game was the conference opener for both teams, and so far neither side has been able to put up a point.

As for the Thunderbirds...they had to wait for their chances...and here comes one...Pushcar is trying to get control of the ball, but he was knocked down by Miller, inside the box. The ref called it, and there's a penalty kick try coming up.

Pushcar will get to take the shot...for the home team...and he put too much on it and missed. Nothing got accomplished in 80 minutes of play, and this game would go to overtime.

In the first 10 minutes...East was trying to make a move...McIlwaine will weave his way through traffic...the defense was closing in on him, so he has to pass or shoot...he chose the latter and finds the top shelf. That would relieve some frustration and the senior is pumped. All the hard work has finally paid off, and he has his team on the board, up 1-to-nothing.

In the the 2nd 10 minutes...the Indians were going for the tie...this was a good plan...Humphrey with the free kick...he was hoping someone would head the ball into the net, but Hass would cut them off at the pass. He would help East preserve their undefeated record so far in this score in overtime...1-nil.