This is the final installment of basketball rankings for the big schools this year.

Many expected a new #1 in the 4A boys as teams head to regionals this weekend.  It is not to be.  Evanston keeps the top spot despite their overtime road loss to Riverton.   The Red Devils took 9 of the 12 top votes and keep the #1 tag.  They had won 14 straight before falling to the Wolverines who host the 4A West this weekend.    Sheridan moves up to second after knocking off Gillette a second time by a single point.  The Camels fall a spot to third.  Natrona moves to fourth this week with East falling two spots to fifth.

3A boys puts Powell at #1 in a very close vote.  The Panthers and Torrington each got 7 #1 votes, but, Powell took 7 #2's to The Blazers 4 and they are #1.   Torrington is second followed by Star Valley, Lander, and Buffalo.

The 4A girls keeps the unbeaten Natrona Fillies on top with 11 of the 12 top votes.  Laramie, ranked third this week, got the other top vote.   Gillette ranks second, Sheridan fourth, and Central fifth.

3A girls keeps Star Valley #1 with 14 of the 18 #1 votes.  Douglas moves up a spot to second with Torrington falling to third.  Defending champion Wheatland is fourth with Cody staying at number five.