2A West: Thermopolis won both games and qualified for state as the 3 seed. The Bobcats will play Saturday at Newcastle. Kemmerer also qualifies for state as the 4 seed, due to head-to-head win over Greybull.     Kemmerer will play Saturday at Glenrock.

FINAL GAME 1: Thermopolis 14 Kemmerer 7. Thermop got the winner with 1:24 to go.

FINAL GAME 2: Thermopolis 21 Greybull 7.

1A East: Sundance wins coin flip and will be the 3 seed and go to Riverside. Lingle gets 4 seed over PB due to head-to-head win. Lingle goes to Cokeville.

FINAL GAME 1: Lingle 7 Pine Bluffs 0. Lane Hageman with a 3 yard run with 3:57 left in regulation. Every play in the first half was on Lingle's side of the field, but PB could not cash in. PB misses 40 yard field goal, before the break.

FINAL GAME 2: Sundance 7 Lingle 6. Lingle fumbles on their own 1. Lane Carter scores for Sundance 1 play later. Wayne Hageman with a 16 yard run for Lingle. 2 point try no good. Sundance up 7-6 at the break. Lingle turns the ball over on downs with 7 seconds left at Sundance 26.

FINAL GAME 3: Pine Bluffs 10 Sundance 0. Sundance botches snap on a punt. PB takes over at Sundance 16. Brady Lamb with a 26 yard catch and run from Taylor Fornstrom for the Hornets. PB up 7-0 at the break. PB recovers fumble at Sundance 12. PB kicks FG. Sundance committed 5 turnovers in the game.

From the WHSAA Handbook:

a. Coin flip – Odd man or team will sit while the other two teams play.

b. Scenario 1 – Team A sits. Team B and Team C play a half. Team A plays the winner of Team B and Team C. If Team A beats the winner of the B and C half, the loser of the B and C half may challenge Team A only if the loser of the B and C half won the regular season game between Team A and themselves. Otherwise, Team A receives the highest remaining seed. The winner of Team B vs Team C play-in half receives the next highest remaining seed if applicable.

c. Scenario 2 – Team A sits. Team B and Team C play a half. Team B wins. Team A plays Team B and Team B wins. Team B receives the highest remaining seed. If the last seed is available, the winner of the regular season game between A and C would receive the last remaining seed.

If after 3 games, all 3 are 1-1 again, beating and losing to the same teams that they beat and lost to in the regular season, the WHSAA says the only option left if to coin flip to see which 2 teams go to states.