Highlights of the Sunday, July 8th legion baseball game between the Rawlins Generals and the Lovell Mustangs.

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Rawlins jumped on Lovell early, and Adam McFarland got 12 strikeouts on the mound, in Douglas.

It’s wayyy too early for the peanuts and cracker jack and hot dogs and hamburgers…yes…we’re eating breakfast at the ball-park.

The Rawlins Generals vs. the Lovell Mustangs…this game being played in Douglas…top of the first…Rawlins batting with runners on the corners…a good time for a double steal…Lovell saw it coming but the throw to 3rd is a bit off the mark and it will head into left field…Eli Fernandez sees the opportunity to go home and he will and that will put his team on the scoreboard first.

Later…this Adam McFarland…the starting pitcher…and he’s helping his own cause. He’ll smack a double into left center field and get an R-B-I for his efforts…A.J. Vizciano is already in, to put the Generals up 2-nothing.

For a team that only won 2 games last season…Rawlins had no-where to go but up this year and they’re getting there. Here’s another double steal set up…as the runner at first kept the Lovell defense occupied just long enough for McFarland to sneak in from 3rd…another run would score off of a passed ball to give the Generals a 4-zip lead.

Bottom of the first…Lovell tries to get back into this game…McKayan May grounds this pitch to short…this should be a routine ground out, but the ball is dropped at first…Kyle Peterson scores but the Mustangs still trail 4-to-1.

Top of the second…this play was a little unusual…that’s strike 3, but the ball gets away and first base is open…Vizciano takes off for first, however Lovell would get him out. Then Brendan Gemelli tries to steal home, but this time the Mustangs were ready for it. Brandon Dickson gets the ball back to Peterson just in time to apply the tag and that would save a run for the time being.

A few batters down the road…McFarland…he had a good game in more than 1 way…this single gets Fernandez in from third easily…and Rawlins was in decent shape with a 5-to-1 advantage.

Top of the 4th…McFarland again at the plate…and this ball will almost go the distance…this was a wood bat game…had it been metal…that ball would have been long gone. Instead it goes to the wall for a double, and it nets 2 RBI’s in the forms of Gemelli and Fernandez…Rawlins was showing some authority in the contest up 7-to-1 at this point.

Bottom of the 4th…McFarland pitching…and I told you he had a good game in more than 1 way…that’s victim number 7 and he was not the least bit tired.

Bottom of the 5th…Lovell scores 1 on a sac fly…but that one is just getting sacrificed to the bench, McFarland’s now has 9 punchouts, and there’s more to come.

Top of the 6th…the Generals trying to get an insurance run…Vizciano with a well placed bunt…all that Lovell could do was get the tag out, because Gemelli was running on the play and he’s in…to give his team an 8-to-2 lead.

Bottom of the 6th…more from McFarland…see ya. 12 K’s and that’s your ball-game. Wins may be hard to come by, but the Rawlins Generals are slowly working on it…and they’ll gladly take this one…final score…8-to-2.