Highlights of the Saturday, May 11th Girls Soccer game between Laramie vs. Gillette, in the 4A East Regional Finals.

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After both teams went 5 for 5 on penalty kicks, the Camels converted on number 6, while Andrew Hays swatted away the Plainsmen's chance to tie.



It wasn't THAT windy...even though a storm was on the way...we'll just say he was testing the umbrella for sturdiness.

Laramie vs. Gillette in the 4A East Regional Championship game in Cheyenne...first half...Gillette wearing the white...great ball movement as they'll get the ball through traffic...then fire ahead to sophomore Andy Guernsey...he sees a shot on the left side of the net...he'll take it and connect in the 13th minute...now we just got to find him, to give him his credit...there he is...he has not scored many goals this season, but that was big, and he has his team up 1-nothing.

On the other end...Laramie would try to counter...here's a pretty good free kick try towards the net, but Andrew Hays is going to leap up and snag that one out of mid-flight, before it could do anymore damage...him and the defense are the reason why the Camels have only given up 5 goals on the season, coming into this game.

The Plainsmen kept trying though...they would draw the defense away from the middle, to set up this next attempt...pretty good strategy, but Hays knew where the target was and would block it...he looks to be doing pretty good after an injury a couple of weeks ago. The score would remain at 1-zip going into half-time.

Second half...the Camels would try to strike on this fast break opportunity...Taren Young had the right idea, but his aim was off just a little bit. Had that gone in...we would have had a much different outcome on this contest.

The opposition was still looking for an equalizer...and they had their chances...Andrew Barnes sees a lane through 4 defenders, and went for broke, but Hays saw that lane as well and knew what the strategy was and he'll plug the hole, plus add another save to his totals.

Later...Laramie with a corner kick and here's where they finally caught a break. Barnes gets control of the ball with about 12 minutes left on the clock...and bounces a shot off of Hays, and for the first time in 3 games...the Plainsmen have finally scored against this Camel defense. It took awhile. Things were tied at 1 when the ref blew his whistle in the 80th minute...so these 2 teams kept playing.

Now in overtime...this is the first 10 minutes...the corner kick worked once so why not try it again? Great header, but an even better save by Hays as he had to leap to bring that one down. Seeding in the state tournament was on the line, so you do not want to make a mistake here.

In the second 10 minutes...Gillette was trying to get the attack plan back together...we must have a camera curse on Clark Christenson, because everytime this play comes his way...he's always half-a-step off on the connection try...tough break. No scoring in the extra time...but we can't have a tie...so we had to go to a shootout.

Round 1...the Camels went first...Blaine Christenson went one way and the goalie went the other...easy score...and it's 1-nothing.

Here comes the opposition...Barnes keeps it on the ground, and put on a pretty good sell on his approach...no resistance there and things are tied at 1.

Round 2...Alex German for Gillette...the fake did not work, but the goalie was not fast enough to get to the ball, before it went in...that would push the score up to 2-to-1.

Back come the Plainsmen...Blake Wright was wearing a different jersey, but we knew it was him and he'll slip one by as he will knot this shootout up again at 2-all.

Round 3...Camdin Hinkel...he'll zig and the goalie will zag...result...open net goal...the score is now 3-to-2.

Now the other team needs to counter...here comes Cameron Skinner...and he made that look easy. The drama is starting to build because we have a 3-3 contest.

Round 4...Tyler Greener almost put too much on that shot...but he'll get the bounce off of the cross-bar...and give his team the lead once again...it's 4-to-3.

Laramie answers with Cormac Martinez del Rio...have you noticed a pattern? The shots have been almost identical...a copy-cat pattern if you will...we're tied again...4-4.

Round 5...essentially...now it is sudden death since the score is tied...number 14 was not listed in the program...it was probably someone who changed jerseys earlier...Gillette knows who he is...and he gave his team a 5-4 advantage.

The Plainsmen have to score here or else it's over...it's Larry Wostenberg with the kick...Hays got a hand on it, but not enough deflection...that's in...we're even at 5, and both teams are in do or die mode.

Round 6...Lane Knievel...and he's getting evil. I'm sure he's heard that joke a million times, but in that instance...he lived up to it...Camels up 6-5.

Now most goalies hate shootouts...but the good news is...you usually only need to stop one shot...here's Joe Essary-Brisendine...access denied! Hays read that one and broke in the right direction. That's the one he needed and that give Gillette the win and the number 1 seed out of the East heading into the state tournament. Final score...2-to-1, with a shootout score of 6-to-5.