Highlights of the Thursday, December 20th Boys Basketball game, between #1 Gillette at #5 Natrona.

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Natrona's scoring attack vanished in the final 3 minutes enabling the Camels to leave with a victory.

You know you’re working your way up to the big time when fans bring your game face to the game…or something like that.

Number 1 Gillette at Number 5 Natrona…first quarter…Gillette wearing the purple…they would get the ball inside to Dylan Haddix and he’s got room to score the first bucket of the game, and make the score 2-to-nothing.

Later…it’s Cody Kelley…kicking on the after-burners and going around the defense for a lay-in of his own, as the visitors jumped out to a 6-zip lead.

It took Natrona a couple of minutes to get going, but eventually they did…Nathan Pieper slices right through the lane to score the bucket for his team, and now they’re only down 6-to-2.

The Camels at times were being a bit crafty…take this highlight for example…Bryce Lyman is open behind the double-team…his team-mates find him and he finds 2 points to give last year’s 4A state runner-ups a 10-to-2 advantage.

Then the Mustangs would giddy-up and go before the deficit got any bigger…Chandler Meeboer got the steal and then he would feed the assist to Rhett Bratton and he would finish the fast break…that got the home team closer…down 10-to-6.

They would keep it in stride…Connor True…stays true to the cause…scoring in traffic and the foul…no good on the extra try, but now NC is only down by a bucket with the score at 10-to-8.

Gillette would answer back and they were a little bit quicker with the passes…Jade Kampfe gets the ball ahead of his defender and the paint is wide open for an easy basket…that would push the score up to 12-to-8.

Then their defense showed up…Logan Wasson picks a pocket and he’s going to get a little extra…hoop and 1…12 points for the senior…as the Camels would go up 15-to-8, after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…Natrona would come back again…Pieper…finger-roll lay-in and he would get the contact and the whistle…11 points for the senior and the 3 point play would put his team within striking distance…down 15-12.

I say striking distance because all they need is 3 to tie it up…Meeboer recovers the loose ball…he could’ve gone in for 2, but 3 is much better and the senior had the right idea…this game is now dead-locked at 15 points a-piece.

This contest was turning into a game of runs and now it was time again for the visitors…number 31 is Wasson…he’s just standing there unguarded behind the line…and that too easy. The Camels are now back on top 18-to-15.

Wasson is featured on this next highlight…and he was just a man on a mission…nice moves…nice finish on the far side…he would help build the lead back up to 8…it’s 23-15 at this point.

The Mustangs needed to get the offense going again and right now, anything would work. Adam Britton is just inside the line so that shot will go down as a long 2…but at least it was something…home team still trails 23-17.

Gillette at times had the height advantage and it came in handy sometimes. Kampfe is 6-6 and that can get over most defenders…his team would take a 25-to-19 advantage, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…NC would fight back…and they made the most of their second chances…Pieper…offensive board…putback…foul…that was much needed…the Mustangs are now down 25-22 after the 3-point play.

Like I said…extra chances paid off…Austin Banks…no good…True…that is good. The junior chipped with 10, and it’s now a 1-point contest…the scoreboard reads 25-24.

The opposition would get another bucket, but the home team would counter again…Brett Kautzmann comes out of no-where and blitzes his way to the hoop. That’s good execution, but his team is still down 27-26.

Natrona had yet to take the lead in this game, but there was a plan for that. Britton spots up behind the arc…lets ‘er fly and buries one for 3. That’s what they needed and now the home team is up by a score of 29-27.

Gillette was not too concerned, but they had to get the momentum back. Wasson relieves Meeboer of his duties and gets the quick 2 on the other end…to tie this game up once more at 29-all.

The Mustangs were matching their rivals blow-for-blow for awhile. True puts in a turn around lay-in for his team, to help them retake the lead…31-29.

The visitors responded. Kelley with the drive, gets the contact...annnnd the hoop. He did his part and each team now has 31 points.

More defense…Tanner Sandvick would mess up this play. After a loose ball scramble, he would end up with the ball, then provide the assist to Kelley who will take care of the rest. Now the visitors have the advantage 33-to-31, and it would stay that way going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…here is where games can be won or lost, and you’ll find out why in a little bit. Kelley strikes again with a little razzle dazzle through the lane and Gillette leads 35-32.

Natrona would hang around…Pieper is going to make another contribution on the far side for his team, and they trail 37-35, which is not bad at all at this point in the game.

The Camels would play it smart…and work the ball inside. Lyman fools a defender and waits for him to go before he scores with ease. Patience payed off…it’s 41-to-35.

NC had to work on another come-back and they were quite used to it by now…Meeboer from wayyy downtown and the senior had the magic touch…the Mustangs are down 42-38 with a little more than 3 minutes to go…but that’s just it.

In that remaining time...Natrona’s offense disappeared…and you’re not going to win many games by scoring zero points in the final 3 minutes…unless you are winning by a blowout. Gillette’s offense would stay after it, and got the points needed to pull away. They would endure a tough one, inside the orange dungeon, but would prevail in the end…50-to-38.