Highlights of the Thursday, December 13th Boys Basketball game, between #1 4A Gillette vs. #1 3A Star Valley.

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In a matchup of 2 of last season's state runner-ups, the 4A Camels would prevail over the 3A Braves.



You think it’s rough being a basketball player? Try being a referee. They don’t get to sit on a bench in the middle of a game…they’re running around every second. Props to them.

Gillette vs. Star Valley…the #1 ranked team in 4A against the #1 ranked team in 3A…this game being played at Green River…first quarter…Star Valley wearing the black…Dalton Passey was looking for some help and then he said, “All right…I’ll do it myself.” That gave his team an early 5-to-2 lead.

Gillette was trying to push the ball down the court and even when it was too much, they were ready just in case. Logan Wasson will illustrate my point and that bucket put the Camels ahead, by a score of 10-to-7.

They’d slow it down as well and pick their shots…Bryce Lyman wants 3 and he’s going to get it with a friendly bounce. That would push the score up to 13-to-8.

The Braves would hang around, and speaking of friendly bounces…check this one out. Tanner Harris is going to get a couple of them, before this ball dropped in for 2. Now his team is only down 13-to-10.

The boys in black kept plugging away. Here’s D.J. Sims making a contribution on a short range jumper. Then senior contributed with 10 and Star Valley was trailing by 1…it’s 13-to-12.

They were still working on it, and finding other ways to score. Byron Anderson is open behind the defense and he’s got an easy 2 points to help the cause. The Braves were feeling pretty good only down 15-to-14, but then this is where Gillette got going. Good ball movement inside to Lyman and the junior will get the finish at the other hoop…that extra breathing room gave the Camels a 17-14 edge after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…last year’s 4A state runner-ups started to open up the arsenal. Thomas Bush will get this party started with a bang and he’ll bury a 3-ball from the corner. His team is now up 20-to-16.

Then they’d give it to the Cook to see what he could whip up…Michael Cook that is…he’s got 3 of his own and Gillette was starting to put something together…leading 23-to-16.

The Braves tried to stay within striking distance…and they got a little crafty in the process.  This is Wyatt Shinaver with a great reverse lay-in. He led his team with 11 points and they’re down 5…it’s 25-to-20.

The Camels were not about ready to let them get any closer. The lead is at 3, and Wasson is going to double that with one shot from behind the arc. That’s what I’m talking about…now the score is 28-22.

But the opposition was not going away…they would tough it out. Time is running out on Trace Haderlie and he'll sink a jumper just ahead of the halftime buzzer to give his team some much needed momentum. Star Valley was trailing 30-to-24 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…Gillette started to flex their muscle. Speaking of which…Dylan Haddik is going to muscle his way in for a bucket to get things going. The senior also scored in double digits with 11, and his team leads, 32-24.

The Braves kept trying to match them, blow for blow. Shinaver is going to weave his way around a couple of defenders and score inside again…Star Valley is down by a score of 32-26.

Here’s where the flood gates started to open…Haddik draws the double team. That means someone is open, that someone was Cook who was right behind them. That 2 points made it a 9 point game…Camels up 37-28.

Let’s get someone else in on the act…this is Cody Kelley coming in with a short range jumper. The junior led all scorers in this game with 14 points and the lead is now in double digits…it’s 39-to-28.

Gillette was picking up the pace. They’ll work it to Bush to finish the fast break…and the foul. He was all right after the spill, and his team now has a 41-28 advantage on the scoreboard.

The boys in black tried to get back into this one. Austin Valentine is at the top of the key…opening the door for 3. That was much needed, but the deficit is still at 10 points…it’s 41-31.

Skipping ahead some…this one was what turned the tide for good. Cook, from about N-B-A range and heating things up. The Camels were starting to pull away now, with the score at 52-33.

…and there was more where that came from. They were spreading the love around, and now it’s Bush’s turn. Boom! That would cap off a 14-to-2 run and this game is getting out of control now, because it’s 55-to-33, and we’re still in the 3rd quarter.

..and the defense had their moments as well. Passey is going to get relieved of his duties by Bush who will lay it in on the right side for 2 more. Gillette was in great shape up 57-37 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…this game is already over but we’ll give the boys in black a little bit of love…Anderson with a short range jumper inside the paint…that would keep things moving along, although the boys from Afton trail 61-to-43 at this point.

And one more….we’ll give it to Anderson again…he’ll eye it…spy it…and buy it for 3. Last year’s 3A state runner-ups put up a decent fight, but they were out-skilled by their 4A counter-parts…final score…Gillette wins 72-57.