Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, April 11th, 4A Boys Soccer game, between Gillette at #2 Laramie.

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The Camels were able to get the first 2 goals of the game, and then hold off a Plainsmen comeback, to get some payback from the last 2 4A State Championship games.



I will admit, we have had some good sleeping weather as of late...but game time is not the time to take a nap. She's missing all the fun!

Gillette at #2 Laramie in a rematch of the last 2 4A State Championship games...first half...Gillette wearing the black...they got a break on this one...Andy Guernsey's header goes off of the cross bar, but he would get a second chance and finish the job. No one on defense boxed him out, and the goalie could not recover fast enough, from trying to chase down the initial shot. So we have a 1-nothing score.

Laramie would try to answer back...Alexis Eleuterio scored that sneaky goal on this field last he would try something similar, but the opposition learned their lesson and messed him up just enough for Andrew Hays to put a stop to that attempt...the score would remain 1-nil going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the opposite direction...the Plainsmen put too much defense on Blaine Christenson...and not enough on Dalton Young, who would get loose and slip one in on the ground for another goal...and now the Camels have taken a 2-zip lead.

Last year's state runner-ups were the better aggressors in the game...Austin Dunham will take a stab at it, but Kolton Rap was able to snag that one out of the air...and prevent any further damage from being done, for the time being.

The visitors would press on though...they were trying to set up Jackson King, but Rap deflects the attempt...Young is going to try to follow up, but this time Ryan Petersmann will turn him away...I know defense-men can't get actual credit for a save in the stats, but there's something to be said about being in the right place at the right time.

As for the 2-time defending champs...they needed to start producing some offense...Paul Gonzales has a great up...gets off a shot between 2 defenders and just manages to squeeze one in under the cross-bar for a goal...that would relieve some pressure, but they need another one...because they are still trailing 2-to-1.

The home team had their chances, but the defense for the opposition was doing a good job of playing them tight...Lucas Thorsness will try from long range...and he overdid it...and he knew it. That's soccer sometimes. Gillette would hang on to pick up a big conference road win...2-to-1.