Highlights of the Friday, January 13th girls basketball game between #5 Big Horn at #2 Tongue River.

Watch the highlights of the game!



Much better…much better! This how you get the crowd into the game…especially with the arch-rivals in town.

Number 5 Big Horn at Number 2 Tongue River…first quarter…Tongue River wearing the white…Tara Stimpson will get the scoring started with a kiss off the glass for her first 2 points…and the Lady Eagles are on the board up 2-to-nothing.

Last year’s 3rd place team was trying to shake off the effects of last week’s 1 point overtime loss to Lovell…Tiana Mitchell finishes the fast break and things are looking pretty good for the home team with a 4-zip lead.

They were taking no prisoners against their arch-rivals…Ti-anne Main collects the miss and throws the ball back up for 2 points, and it’s now a 6-nothing game at this point.

TR was trying to dominate early…Sarah Rawlings is on the line so it’ll count for 2 if it goes…and it does…she led all scorers with 17 points and her team is racing out to an 8-zip advantage.

It took Big Horn a little while to get out of the blcoks…4 minutes with nothing is not a good sign…Hannah Puckett will end the drought after getting a few friendly bounces off of the rim…she scored 10 in this game, and the Lady Rams are trailing 8-to-2.

But Tongue River was still soaring…this is Ashley Bolin soaring in for long 2 point basket…and that would make the score 10-4 good buddy.

The opposition was trying to hang in there despite the rough start…Puckett finds the road is blocked so she’ll just have to go over it instead…that was worth a bucket…but the score is still doubled up at 12-to-6.

The home team was spreading the scoring around…here’s comes Eryn Ak-samit on the drive and the freshman will put in a contribution…the lead is up to 10…it’s now 16-to-6.

As for the opposition…well so far Puckett has been the only one who has been scoring any field goals for the Rams…here’s another one just ahead of the first quarter buzzer…but the visitors would find themselves down 16-to-8 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the Lady Eagles would turn up the pressure even more…Rawlings is wide open behind the arc and she’ll swish the 3-ball…that will push the lead up to 19-to-8.

You want 3 more? I’ll give you 3 more…how about another freshman…Megan Myers…that was sweet and TR was in firm control of the game at this point…leading 22-to-8.

The Lady Rams needed to get something going soon or else they were going to be in trouble…Erica O’Dell will take matters into her own hands…11 points for her, and finally her team is in double-digits scoring wise but they still trail 22-to-10.

Actually…they were in trouble…because the opposition would bring the defense…Myers will get the turnover…and she’ll feed it ahead to Rawlings who will finish with the left handed lay-up…things are starting to get out of control with the score at 28-to-10.

It got worse…Main gets a 10 foot jumper and a time out was needed because it was now 30-to-10 and it was all Lady Eagles so far.

We thought a match-up of 2 ranked arch-rivals teams would make for a good game…this time we were wrong…Mali Wright will get the hoop and the hack for Big Horn…she also scored 11 points, but it’s not even close with the scoreboard reading, 30-to-12.

We’re going to wrap up these highlights early and skip the entire second half of this game, because it was a waste of time…here comes 3 more coutesy of Puckett just ahead of the buzzer…TR would go into the locker room up 35-12…and would cruise in the 2nd half, en route to a 67-to-42 win.