Highlights of the Friday, February 17th girls basketball game between #2 Burlington at Ten Sleep.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

What was supposed to be a battle for first place in the 1A Northwest, was anything except that unfortunately.



Aside from the players, coaches, referees and myself…these are the only 2 people that HAD to watch this game…and I’m sorry to say…it was not pretty.

Number 2 Burlington at Ten Sleep…first quarter…Burlington wearing the black…if you leave Sadie Neves wide open like that…she’ll bury long balls all game long…Lady Huskies strike first up 3-to-nothing.

The visitors were mushing forward from the get go and never looked back…Shelby Nicholson led all scorers with 17, which included that turn-around jumper…her team leads 5-zip.

This girl is just a sophomore and she’s already doing pretty good…here comes another bucket and she’ll get one more from the refs as a reward…the Lady Huskies were taking control early, up 8-to-nothing.

There was more to come…and for awhile it was coming from Nicholson…another bucket…this one in traffic…Burlington was starting to turn this game into a blow-out with an 11-zip advantage.

More from the vistors…and more from Nicholson AGAIN! She was on fire in the first quarter and Ten Sleep had no way to stop her…when the dust settled on the first 8 minutes…the Lady Pioneers found themselves down 14-to-1.

2nd quarter…it was only going to get worse, before it got any better…Neves kisses one off the glass and gets thewhistle…the senior had 16 points in this contest and the 3-point play put the Lady Huskies up 17-to-1.

This game was supposed to be for first place in the 1A northwest…sadly it was not meant to be for the home team…Nicholson strikes again and Burlington is just burying the competition…21-to-3.

Ok…finally…a highlight for Ten Sleep…here we go…Michayla Miller is a freshman and she’ll do the honors with a base-line drive and that was the only field goal of the first half for the Lady Pioneers…they trail 21-to-5 at this point.

Eventually the visitors did call off the dogs, but you do have to give your starters a decent amount of playing time…Neves comes up with her own miss and sticks it back in for 2…and the Lady Huskies would go into the locker room, leading 27-to-5.

3rd quarter…the veterans would go just a little bit longer…no one is guarding Neves, so guess what’s going to happen? Uh-huh…Burlington is cruising with a 36-to-5 advantage.

Ok…that’s enough from the visitors…we quit recording when they had the ball, because we had to give a little bit of love to Ten Sleep…Halli Stocklin drains a 3 from behind the arc…her teams still trails, 36-to-8.

A short time later…here she comes again. She’ll get around 1 defender and then throw up a shot that will get up, over and in…but there was more work to be done…the Lady Pioneers were down 40-to-10 going into the final 8 minutes.

We’ll give the home team the benefit of a doubt…they just had a really bad day and unfourtunately we showed up for it…Sharon Eggink will score 2 points up close…but in the end…Burlington was just too much…winning this game in a rout…48-to-19.