Highlights of the Friday, February 10th girls basketball game between #3 Cokeville at #1 Little Snake River.

Watch the highlights of the game!



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Number 3 Cokeville at Number 1 Little Snake River…first quarter…Little Snake River wearing the white…nothing doing inside so the Lady Rattlers will find Shelby McKee from about 16 feet away…she’ll get the swish and the Lady Rattlers are on the board first, leading 2-to-nothing.

The home team was on the move early…this is Lydia Skalberg taking the lob pass and finishing the fast-break with a bucket. She’ll get the whistle but miss the extra, but her team has a 4-zip lead.

Cokevile did not take long to answer…Morgann Weston wants the ball and she’ll score on the catch and shoot play…now the Lady Panthers have their first points, trailing 4-to-2.

L-S-R was slithering their way to more points…take this example by Caelee Criswell…she took the long way around, but found an open lane and went right through it…the home team has the score doubled up at 8-to-4.

But the visitors attack strategy was to pounce rather than slither…Tessa Teichert is hiding behind the referee…we saw her and we also saw her fire up that 3 ball for Cokeville…14 points for the junior and her team still trails 11-to-9.

The Lady Panthers only have 2 seniors on their roster, so the under-classmen had to put up some slack and they did not mind…Kaylie Moyes is a sophomore…she led her team with 16 and the defending state champs took the lead…13-to-11 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…Cokeville’s leaders would step up…Hannah Dayton is one of those 2 seniors I told you about earlier…she makes her contribution and her team still leads, 15-13.

They would press their advantage and it worked for awhile…Teichert is going to take care of this little matters herself and get the 2 points…as the visitors would eventually build a 5 point lead…20-to-15.

But Little Snake River would strike back…off the turn-over…Morgan Wille is already at the other end of the court…hoop, harm, and she’ll eat a little floor while she’s at it. The senior chipped in with 12 and the deficit is at 1…20-to-19.

At times…L-S-R was trying to score inside, but it wasn’t always working…so eventually they decided to take it out…Taylor Kaisler drains a 15 footer…she scored 15 points for the Lady Rattlers and we’re tied up at 22 points each.

The home team was undefeated coming into this game and they were hoping to stay that way…nice bounce pass to Wille who will take care of the rest…although they would foul Cokeville on their hail mary try…the Lady Panthers would sink 3 free throws, to make it a 27-all game going into the locker room.

That’s 2 liters of soda kid…and u choked up on 1 sip! We got to work on this!

3rd quarter…Cokeville kept it close…Moyes miss the first try, but she’ll get her own rebound and the second chance paid off nicely for the Lady Panther…her team goes back up 30-to-28.

But then the Lady Rattlers would get to work…McKee is also hiding behind the ref…you’re going to have to do better than that in order to fool the camera…home team leads 31-to-30.

Then they would go to their long range attack…McKee knows where the line is and she did not cross it…that’s how you blow up a 3-bomb…L-S-R up 35-30.

Basketball may be a team sport, but sometimes you got to take matters into her own hands…and drive for another deuce…her team is enjoying their biggest lead so far, at 37-30.

The Lady Panthers needed to react and swing the momentum the other way…Teichert will lead the charge and show everyone how it’s done…visitors still trail, 37-32.

But that did not seem to bother Little Snake River…Natalie Duncan slips in from behind…her team-mates saw her and the opposition did not…that made the score, 39-to-32.

It’s about time we got a little defense and transition in here…McKee comes up with the loose ball off of the deflection…she’ll dish the assist to Wille who will finish the fast break…and the Lady Rattlers were in decent shape, up 43-37, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…L-S-R was going for the kill…Criswell…eyes it…spies it…and buys it for 3…things are looking promising with a 47-to-39 advantage.

Here comes more…Wille is going to go right through the traffic…hey that’s what you got to do sometimes to get 2 points…the Lady Rattlers have a 10 point cushion, up 51-to-41.

As for Cokeville…they kept trying to hang around…Dayton will hit the bulls-eye with this 3-ball…but time was starting to become a factor with the score at 51-to-44.

But the home team would keep them out of striking distance…Skalberg will put in another 2 of her 11…as Little Snake River would keep their perfect record in tact…winning this game…58-to-48.