Highlights of the Friday, January 20th girls basketball game between #4 Gillette at #2 Laramie.

Watch the highlights of the game!



I think he’s a little bit early for St. Patrick’s Day, but you never know when Lady Luck will come knocking on your door.

Number 4 Gillette at Number 2 Laramie…first quarter…Laramie wearing the white…Madison Legerski will get the scoring started with the drive, the kiss, the bucket and the foul…the Lady Plainsmen strike first up 2-to-nothing.

Gillette would answer…someone forgot about Darcia Lyman…she was just standing there behind the double team…she’ll put up a nice lay in and this game is knotted up at 2 points a piece.

Skipping ahead…things are now tied at 4 but not for much longer…Katie Kuhn will let ‘er fly for 3 and she buries it…that got the crowd into the game and the home team would eventually go up 9-to-4.

The Lady Camels come right back…they may not have Jordan Kelly anymore…but they got some players that can score…like Dani Williams who will split 2 defenders and lay in 2 of her 10 and her team is only down 9-to-8.

The defending state champs did not stay down for long…this is Shelby Johnson fighting her way through traffic…she bank one off the glass and it drops in, to even up the score at 11 points all.

Then the Lady Plainsmen would make their move at this point…Legerski …wide open on the far side and she’ll ring up 3 more…24 points for the junior and that one put her team back on top 14-to-11.

Speaking of Madison…you think there’s any family connection with UW women’s basketball coach Joe Legerski? Consider that question answered with a resounding yes! Laramie was enjoying a 17-to-11 lead after the first 8 minutes, but there was more to come.

2nd quarter…more from Legerski…she was a 1-woman scoring machine for a while…base line drive…shoots over the defender…tack on 2 more points…Lady Palinsmen go up 19-to-11.

Ok…she didn’t do everything…we got to spread the love around…this time Ali Beckler is wide open in the corner…and Gillette needed to rethink their defensive strategy…because the Lady Plainsmen were on a 13-zip run and led 24-to-11.

As for the Lady Camels…they needed to get something going…things have been quiet on their end for awhile…Sierra Toms will drive and get 2 plus 1 more…15 points for the junior and the 3 point play has her team down 10…it’s 24-14.

They would slowly get closer and take a page out of their opponents playbook…Julia Seamans is open behind the crowd…but we saw her and we saw that 3…that has the score at 24-17 at this point of the game.

The home team needed a momentum killer…Kuhn…she is silent but deadly when she’s in the corner…that’s what her team needed and the lead is back into double-digits…Laramie up 29-17.

Let’s get someone else in here that has yet to announce her presence…how about Kyleigh Hiser..she finds the open lane and puts just enough on that shot to get it to drop…the lead for the Lady Plainsmen is at it’s biggest…14 points with the scoreboard reading 31-to-17.

They would try to keep it that way for as long as they could…Legerski is on the other side of the court…and it really doesn’t matter where she is, as long as she’s beind the arc…the home team was in decent shape up 34-23 going into the locker room.

Scanning the crowd…we find Denver Broncos offensive lineman Zane Beadles taking in a game…and so far it looked like this contest would not need a miracle from one of his team-mates.

3rd quarter…Gillette would get it in gear…Lexi Hill thought about the 3…then decided to get a little bit closer and settle for 2 instead…not a bad idea…but her team is still down 38-28.

The Lady Camels were putting up some tough shots but that’s what you got to do sometimes…Williams will end up having a seat when this play was said and done, but it worked and the score is now 38-to-30.

As for the home team…they knew something was up and needed to put a stop to it…Legerski is going to get a few friendly bounces on this try…she ended scoring all 6 of her teams’ points in the quarter, which is not always a good thing…but they still have the lead…40-to-33.

The visitors were spreading the scoring around a bit more…Williams will strike again for her team…and they were only down 40-to-35 going into the final 8 minutes, which was not a bad thing.

4th quarter…they would keep up the pressure….Toms is in the lane…her team-mates find her and she finds her team 2 more points and they are breathing down Laramie’s neck…trailing 40-to-37.

But there was still more work to do…and this time the defense would answer the call…Kyrie Anderson is going to have her pockets picked by Lyman and she’s taking off the other way…that basket would cap off a 15-to-3 run and we have ourselves a brand new ball game, tied at 41.

Later…we’re now at a point in the game where Gillette has already had 3 players foul out…so the bench had to come through and they did…Lexi Wilde is at the top of the key and she opened the door for 3…put in a few free throws and the visitors would eventually take the lead…48-46.

The Lady Plainsmen were not too familiar with trailing…this play was drawn up for Hiser and it worked like a charm for the senior…things were knotted up at 49, and we had to put some more time on the clock.

Now we’re in overtime…and I’ll tell you what made the difference in a moment…this was a great heads up play by Hill…who will drive the lane and get the finish…the visitors are back up 53-to-50.

We’re going to fast-forward to the end…5 seconds to go…Laramie down 3…and they had yet to score a field goal in the extra period…all their points came from the charity stripe and Hiser’s buzzer beater would hit the back of the iron. Good defensive pressure by Gillette at the end, as the Lady Camels would get out of the Gem City…with a 56-53 overtime win.