Highlights of the Saturday, January 28th girls basketball game between #1 Lovell at Wyoming Indian.

Watch the highlights of the game!



You can tell how much they love basketball in Ethete when you don’t even need a hoop to play. That’s dedication!

Number 1 Lovell at Wyoming Indian…first quarter…Lovell wearing the blue…and the Lady Bulldogs did not take long to get the scoring started…Alyssa Geiser strikes for the first 3 points of the game, to get the defending 2A state champs on the board.

The Lady Chiefs would answer in their own way…this is Kim Goggles with a turn-around J and she’ll get it to drop for WIHS, who now trail 3-to-2.

But the visitors were barking early…Amanda Shumway wants to play a game of fetch…and she’ll do it 3 times here…22 points in this game for the junior…Lovell is up 6-to-2.

WIHS would hang around…Anneshia Hill is going to go right through the defense and no one tried to stop her…that made the job easy…16 points for the senior, and her team is only down 6-to-4.

The Lady Bulldogs were scoring in greater numbers early on…this is Leanna Winterholler getting in on the 3 point act…winter is here and her team is leading 9-to-4.

The home team was just sticking to their game plan for awhile…if you miss…get the rebound and stick it back in…Brindi Lock provides a perfect example, although her team is down 11-to-6 at this point.

Lovell was out for a run…they find Geiser cruising through the lane…her team-mates find her and she finds 2 points for her team to make it a 15-to-6 contest.

Then Wyoming Indian figured that it was a good time to start catching up…Kanani Washakie is at the top of the key…and she’s opening the door for 3…that got the Lady Chiefs back into this game and they only trailed 17-to-14 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…WIHS was knocking on the door…Jasmine McGill thought about going in…then she said…eh…I can get the job done from here…the home team is only down by 1…it’s 19-to-18.

But the visitors never surrendered the lead…they found ways to score…Jodi Walker is going to introduce herself to the highlight reel with this inside bucket and that made it 23-to-18.

Let’s get someone else in here…you’re about to see Erin Robinson put in 2 of her own..Lovell was starting to open up some breathing room…leading 25-to-18.

Sometimes…it was just that easy...take this play by Shumway for example…some defender forgot about her and her path to the hoop is wide open…Lovell was in decent shape with a 27-to-18 advantage.

The Lady Chiefs needed to snap out of it quickly…Hill knows what she has to do on the fast-break and she’ll get the job done…but there was more to do, because the home team was down 33-to-22 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…not much excitement happening on either side, so these highlights are going to be short…Washakie was not going to be denied on this play…even if she had to lay it in, in reverse…WIHS is still down by 9.

They kept trying to inch ever so closer…fast pass to Loveeda White for the Lady Chiefs…that was worth 2 points and the freshman would finish…but Wyoming Indian was still trailing…41-to-33 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…the Lady Bulldogs never felt threatened much in this game…and they kept their cool…Shumway finds her inside track to the basket to make another contribution…and the lead is back into double-digits…it’s 43-33.

The Lady Chiefs were not going to go away and they kept trying…White will find nothing but net on this 3-ball attempt…it’s 43-36 but that was as close as they were going to get.

The visitors had this game on a leash for most of the afternoon…of course Shumway managed to break free of hers, but in this game…that’s ok…Lovell is still up 45-to-36.

Like I said earlier…some plays were just that easy...Shumway is being triple teamed…but that means 2 team-mates are open…she’ll find Walker with no problem…and Lovell did not have much trouble in this game when it was all said and done. They win on the road, 50-to-41.