Highlights of the Saturday, January 14th girls basketball game between #1 Natrona at #2 Sheridan.

Watch the highlights of the game!



I said it last year and it’s still true…this is big man on campus. You ever want anything, you got to go through him!

Number 1 Natrona at Number 2 Sheridan…first quarter…Sheridan wearing the white and they did not waste much time off of the opening tip…Hailey Ligocki will bounce one off the back of the iron and get it to drop and that has the Lady Broncs on the board first.

Natrona did not take long to respond…Cheyenne Balster is open behind the defense…her team-mates find her and she finds the hoop and this game is tied up at 2 points a piece.

This game got off to a fast start on both sides…Stephany Sessions is already at the other end of the court and she’ll put in the first 2 of her 15 points…home team is up 4-to-2.

Back come the Fillies…Emma Norvelle was in the right place at the right time to catch the miss…she’ll get the putback and the foul…the 3 point play would help give her team a 5-to-4 lead.

Then the see-saw would go the other way…Noelle Golinvaux takes the assist…she’ll get 2 and one more for her efforts…14 points in the game for the senior…Sheridan goes up 7-to-5.

Here we go on the other side…this time Kaylee Johnson will get in on the act…she was wide open underneath…the sophomore led all scorers with 18 and things are knotted up again…this time at 7-all.

That wasn’t the only easy score that she had…she’s already off to the races on this fast-break opportunity…no problems here and she would help the Fillies take a 9-to-7 lead.

You’re starting to see why Kaylee Johnson is the leading scorer in the state in class 4A? Well, when you have an opportunity like this one…you better cash in. NC is still up by a score of 11-to-9.

Ok…she didn’t do all the work…she had some help…Gabby Johnson…I’m sure there’s a relation..she’ll add to the cause to put Natrona up 13-to-9.

Sheridan would not stay down for long…nice moves by Sessions, and an equally impressive finish on this drive…and last year’s 4A state runner-ups are right back in this game…down 13-to-11.

You want to talk about nice moves though…watch this one…Madison Browning…watch the ball handling…goes right through the defense like it wasn’t there…that’s worth 2 points…the Fillies would maintain the lead…15-to-12 at this point.

The Lady Broncs would step up the defense…Sessions is teaching a lesson…she saw that pass coming and she’s got an open road to the hoop…we got ourselves a good game here…it’s tied at 16 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the home team would try to open up their arsenal…Ligocki is in the corner…and that usually means someone is in trouble…not her…but her team is enjoying their biggest lead so far…the scoreboard reads 21-to-16.

N-C would rally…Kaylee Johnson will just go around the paint and puts up a hook shot that finds nothing but net…that has the visitors within 1…down 21-to-20.

These 2 teams were going at each other pretty good…that first shot gets rejected by Kaylee…but Rickie Ryan is going to end up with the loose ball, and this time she’ll get around and put the ball up and in…the Lady Broncs are still up 25-22.

Natrona has their own play-makers…you saw what Norvelle did earlier…well here’s a similar play. Someone might want to step in a take a charge if she makes a move…visitors trail 25-24.

Let’s get someone else in here…how about Brandi Smith…the paint was open..and by the time the defense realized it…it was too late and she scored…Natrona goes back on top 26-25.

The Fillies were looking to build some momentum right before halftime…we lost the ball for a moment…then we found that Kayzanne Graney had it in the left corner…swish…for 3…that got the job done as NC would take a 30-to-25 lead…going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…Sheridan’s defense would show up for awhile….Ligocki with a rejection…that ball is heading into the stands and Natrona needs a new game plan.

Actually they had one…and it involved rebounding, because they’re tops in state both offensively and defensively…Kaylee Johnson proves my point and the Fillies were enjoying a 7 point cushion…up 34-27.

Then the Lady Broncs would start to get it together…Golinvaux is stuck between a rock and a hard place but she would find a way to get through it and score…and the home team trails 34-29.

The senior was the one pulling her team through…here’s a similar play and it would produce the same result…the Lady Broncs would eventually get the deficit down to 1.

Now this highlight was just plain old robbery…but you can do that in this game…Sessions gets the rip from behind…she’s leading the fast-break but she’ll have to give it up to Golinvaux…it’s ok as long as it results in 2 points….Sheridan would eventually take a 38-36 lead.

That lead did not last…Kaylee Johnson knows how to deal with a 1-on-1 situation…just go around it…her moves would tie this game up yet again…this time at 38.

The visitors were picking up the pace…there’s no one between Graney and the hoop…she probably could’ve just walked her way into 2 points…her team is now back in the lead…it’s 40-to-38.

The Lady Broncs decided to go back to their long range attack…class is in Sessions…and it’s worth 3 points, just ahead of the 3rd quarter buzzer…and the home team was where they wanted to be…up 41-40 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…this is what made the difference and you’ll find out why in a few moments…the Fillies grab the lead back thanks to this inside play from Kaylee Johnson…that made the score 42-to-41.

Skipping ahead…a few free throws would help the lead grow…offensive rebounds were becoming a factor…Gabby Johnson finally gets the ball to drop after a few tries…NC is now up 47-to-41.

As for the opposition…they were in a drought….zero points in 5 and one-half minutes…Sessions finally ends the scoring slump to make the score 47-43, but the damage may have already been done.

The Fillies were looking to put the nail into the coffin…all they needed was an opportunity…someone forgot about Graney and she’d make the defense pay…Natrona now up 50-to-43 and not much time is left on the clock.

The home team would not give up, but they needed some points and soon…Ryan is going to answer the call for Sheridan with a 3 at the top of the key…but that scoring drought earlier came back to haunt, and the Lady Broncs could not make a comeback…Natrona gets the W, 52-to-46, to remain undefeated.