Highlights of the Saturday, February 11th girls basketball game between #2 Wheatland at #3 Torrington.

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It was a back and forth affair between the arch-rival teams, as they would battle for a share of first place in the 3A East.


Considering which teams were playing and how late in the season it is…we really did those extra bleacher seats. It’s a good thing they had them.

Number 2 Wheatland at number 3 Torrington…first quarter…Torrington wearing the white…Tarah Werner is open behind the double-team…her team-mates find her and she finds 2 points for the Lady TrailBlazers who are on the scoreboard first.

Wheatland was keeping it close…both in terms of the score and in terms of how close they got to the hoop. Breann Jackson with the offensive board, putback and the foul…she led the Lady Bulldogs with 18 points and the 3-point play would tie the score at 3.

This game went back and forth for quite awhile…but that usually makes for a good game…Mikayla Brower stops pops and hits from the free throw line…she led all scorers with 22 points and the home team would go up 5-to-3.

Now we go to the other end of the court…Chelsey Mudgett is open on the far side and the defense was just a split second too late…the senior strikes for 3 and the visitors now have an advantage, up 6-to-5.

Then the pendulum would swing the other way…Shai Schaefer can’t find anyone open…so says she says…eh why not? It’s early…she was on the line when she put up that shot so it’s only worth 2…Torrington goes up 9-to-6.

But the defending state champs would answer…Muira Bunker….bombs away…and it’s good for 3…we got ourselves a tie game at 9 points a piece and we’re just getting started.

Then the Lady TrailBlazers decided to live up to their name…Brower is going to blaze herself a new path from behind the arc and she’ll hit paydirt…her team led 14-to-11 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the lady Bulldogs were taking it to the house…Natalie de Ryk is going to get inside and make her contribution to the game and her team goes back up back a count of 15-to-14.

Back to the near side…Schaefer also got into double digit scoring with 11…and she earned those 2 right here off of the nice spin move…the home takes the lead back and are up 18-to-15.

Then the Lady Bulldogs would perform a trick on their end…McKenzie Hellbaum fetches herself an offensive rebound…hoop and the hack…16 points for the senior, and tha 3 point play would knot up the score again…this time at 18-all.

Later…this play will make any coach say bad dog…Brower…eyes it…spies it…buys it…3 and the foul! It came in late and Torrington would cash in on a 4-point play and they’re up 22-to-20.

The visitors needed to get off of their leash after that last play…Mudgett has a scent…and she’s burying that bone from behind the arc…that got her team to within 1…they’re down 25-24.

But then Torrington would open up a little breathing room…first Schaefer will get a jumper to drop for her team…then tack on a number of free throws…and the Lady TrailBlazers had a 31-to-24 advantage going into halftime.

I hope they don’t actually use those kiddie cars for real life drivers tests…but there is a point to all of this. Don’t drive while you’re distracted!

3rd quarter…the home team would build on the lead a little more…and the defense and transition game helped out…Brower takes the free gift and turns it into 2 points…to cap off a 15-to-4 run…and her team was up 33-to-24.

Then Wheatland started to growl, and for good reason…Hellbaum is on the line so that turned out to be a long 2, but it was a start…visitors still trail, 33-to-27.

Sometimes if you want 3…you got to do it the old fashioned way…Jackson does not mind one little bit…she can take a foul and come back for 1 more…her team is closing the gap, down 33-to-30.

Actually Jackson was the one taking charge for a little while…here comes another inside bucket for the senior…that 9 point deficit has been cut to 1…it’s 34-to-33.

We’re going to skip ahead a little bit because both teams were trading baskets…here’s a new player…her name is Allison Marsh…she’ll putback her own miss just ahead of the buzzer…as Torrington would maintain their advantage…up 42-to-39 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…it’s been awhile since Wheatland has had the lead…Hellbaum takes care of that problem with this baseline bucket…and her team is up 47-to-43.

The home team at times was scrapping for points but what-ever works…Matty Jolovich did not want to have her senior night ruined and she did something here…but her team still trails, 47-to-45.

But this is an arch-rival game and spoiling senior night would please the opposition…Hellbaum is dropping a bomb of her own in the corner…the Lady Bulldogs go up 50-to-45 but there’s still some time on the clock.

Don’t blink on this next highlight because it’s going by fast…Brower intercepts the inbounds…and finds Schaefer who will take care of the rest…we’re tied up at 50. Both sides went into free throw mode from there, but the Lady Trailblazers would take a 54-53 lead.

5 seconds to go…Wheatland down 1…Hellbaum steals the inbounds in the back-court…she needs to get it ahead to somebody…but Marsh comes through with the interception for Torrington at the buzzer…and that’s how the game would end as the Lady TrailBlazers hang on for an important 3A East win…54-to-53.