Highlights of the Friday, April 19th Girls Soccer game between #5 Green River at #3 Natrona.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game and scroll to the bottom to see a photo gallery.

A mid-first half goal was able to stand up for the Lady Wolves in a battle for first in the 4A West vs. the Fillies.



Hot chocolate at a soccer game…I know that doesn’t quite sound right, but this is Wyoming, and anything is possible.

#5 Green River at #3 Natrona…first half…Natrona wearing the white…Erin DeVault has a break-away opportunity…and she may have fired just a little too soon, because Dakota Neuman just barely managed to get a finger on that ball and deflect it into the snow bank. That saved a goal and forced the home team to reset from the corner.

On the other end…Green River has the top 2 scorers in the state Class 4A…here’s one of them…Morgan Wyant, but she’ll be denied by Kaitlin Conley, who did a pretty good job of holding her own against a very hungry opposition.

Back to the left side…here’s another set up by the Fillies…Courtney Stratton centers the ball for Devault…Neuman makes the leap and…that was a little too close for comfort, as the ball almost crossed the line, but the freshman was able to reel it in, before any damage could be done and this contest is still scoreless.

Here’s the other threat for the Lady Wolves…Tessa Williams…she’s in a foot-race with Conley to the ball and the goalie is going to win that exchange…N-C was ready for just about anything that the Lady Wolves were throwing at them, in this battle for first in the 4A West.

But something had to give sooner or later…and here is where it happened…Wyant’s free kick hits the cross bar and stays in play, but Tayliann Cutler was in the right place at the right time, to get control of the rebound and knock it in for that all important goal. It took some hard work, but it finally paid off, and the visitors now lead 1-to-nothing.

Later…G-R was looking for more…Williams is taking matters into her own hands on this play…well, not literally…but she would be denied again by Conley who could use her hands…as the score would remain 1-nil, going into halftime.

Second half…here comes another try…Williams again…she gave it a number of good efforts, but Conley had her number everytime…now if only her N-C team-mates could provide some goal support.

They had their chances…off of the corner kick…Neuman swats it away, but she was not out of the woods yet…in fact she was not in place for the put-back try…not sure who that was that headed the ball away, but that might have been the biggest save of the game for Green River…as they would eventually get what they considered a long overdue win against Natrona…1-nothing.