Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, April 18th Inter-Class Soccer game, between 3A Worland at 4A Green River.

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After giving up an early goal to the Lady Warriors, the Lady Wolves would score late in the first half, and early in the second half to win and move on.



They are all bundled up and ready to watch their first soccer game. It will not be long before they get out of that stroller and start kicking a ball around.

3A Worland at 4A Green the Gold Bracket semi-finals of the Green River Invitational...first half...Green River wearing the white...trying to strike from the corner, but Aubrey Goodrick was not going to have any of that. She was ready to go for a 9am game, after playing in 2 games, the day before.

...Worland had some get up and go...and on this play...Haley Schneider would get up and take off...and the longer she had the ball...the more trouble Dakota Neumann was in, because goalie's usually do not fare well in 1-on-1 situations...good effort on the save try, but Schneider had her beat. The result is well deserved goal, and that would make the score 1-to-nothing.

The Lady Wolves would strike back...and we got a good angle on this one...McKenzie Lucas found a pretty big hole in the defense...and aside from the goalie...well...all the other team could do was just stand there and watch...and then they would watch a celebration as well. It was a 1-1 score, going into halftime.

Second half...the home team was applying the pressure early...Lauren Hoyt has a breakaway opportunity...and she probably could have gotten a little bit closer before taking the shot. Plus it was right at Goodrick who made a good save on the play...and keep the score where it was, for just a little bit longer.

We have only played about 3 minutes...and GR was not wasting anytime...Lucas has her shot deflected, but the ball stayed in play...and Chezney Mamalis was there to pick up the pieces and put it away. She maybe a freshman...but she just put her team in the's now 2-to-1.

The Lady Warriors needed an equalizer...and that's easier said than done...but this was a good effort...good ball movement...good penetration...and Neumann read the play and broke it up, before they could finish. Her team-mates probably try similar plays on her in practice, so that is why she probably knew.

On the other end...the home team was doing a good job of keeping the ball on one side of the field...the side they wanted it on. Lucas had the right idea, but she would get denied by the goal-post. Those things tend to be a goalie's best friend and Goodrick caught a break on that play.

They say sometimes the best defense is a good offense...Lucas would try again for her second goal...she did everything right again, but Goodrick just barely just a hand on the ball, and knock it out of bounds. An insurance goal would have been nice, but in the end it was not needed. Green River would get the win...2-to-1.