Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, April 18th Girls Soccer Game, between #3 3A Jackson at 4A Green River, in the Gold Bracket finals of the Green River Invitational.

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Raychl Fairbanks did all the scoring for the Lady Broncs and they would hold off the Lady Wolves at GR.



You know it's spring-time when man's best friend starts showing up to the game...just don't let them play fetch with the soccer ball, and everything will be ok.

#3 3A Jackson at 4A Green River in the gold bracket championship game of the Green River Invitational...first half...Jackson wearing the black and on the move...Raychl Fairbanks is in a footrace with Kelsey Moffitt...Ray Fay's shot is knocked down by Dakota Neumann, and then Emily Allen would come in and get rid of the ball before the opposition could knock in the rebound. That was a good effort by both teams, and there was more to come.

The Lady Broncs were keeping the pressure on, but the defense would rise up to the challenge...Fairbanks manages to steal the ball, and fire a quick shot up close...but that was a great save by Neumann. There was only one lane to take a shot at, and the junior goalie read the play and made sure she was where she needed to be.

Later...Fairbanks kept trying...sooner or later she was going to get one in...on this play she'll take the high road and this time the freshman would squeeze one in just under the cross bar. She had to work for that one, but it would eventually pay off...and Jackson would have a 1-nothing advantage, going into halftime.

Second half...the Lady Wolves needed to get their offense going...they had been playing too much D for awhile. Lauren Hoyt has one defender on her, but the freshman was able to stay 1 step ahead...slip a shot past Kamryn Lunde and it is in for a goal. They may have been a little tired, but that ended up providing a morale boost. The score is now tied at 1 goal a piece.

The Lady Broncs were not as tired...probably because they were only playing their 3rd game of the weekend, while just about everyone else was on #4...Fairbanks was taking charge in this contest.  She is 2nd in the state in goals scored in Class 3A so far, and now has her team back on top, 2-to-1.

You may have noticed that Green River had a new goalie in...Holly Hunt now has net duties...and this sequence was a little too close for comfort, but she recovered and prevented any more damage from being done.

Time is starting to run out...and the home team needs an equalizer...McKenzie Lucas with a free kick from 35 yards and she put just a smidge too much on it. That ended up being all she wrote. Jackson would take home the gold bracket trophy...2-to-1.