Highlights of the Saturday, April 13th Boys Soccer game between #1 Jackson at Cody.

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It was all Broncs from start to finish, against...the Broncs.



He’s just being a big brother…not sure if that’ll impress the girls, but at least mom and dad don’t have much to worry about.

#1 Jackson at Cody…first half…Jackson wearing the black…Number 11 is Juan Morillon…a sophomore…and when this guy strikes, he strikes quickly! He finished in the top 3 scoring wise last year, and he has his team on the board, leading 1-to-nothing.

Moving on…here comes a high fly ball…and another one off of the head of Jimmy Hessler…we have 2 guys going for it, and Tristan Wagner just managed to get his head on it, before the collision in front of the net. That’s in for another goal and now the Broncs lead 2-nil.

Now here’s the other main threat for the boys in black…Will Horstmann…he’s a junior…and he’s got some moves…you can tell he’s been practicing…he’ll eventually set himself up for a great shot, but end up with nothing as he was denied by the goal-post. Ok…so he has to work on his finishes, but don’t worry…you’ll see more from him later.

As for Cody…well, not much went right, and it was a bad day for Jacob Frost, but we’ll give the freshman one good moment. There’s a good save off of a Morillion free kick…and thankfully the score was still 2-zip going into halftime.

Second half…the flood gates opened…Horstmann takes the assist from Wagner and he was just getting started. Actually Horstmann scored again, 1 minute later and we missed it…that was our fault. So the visitors would eventually go ahead by a score of 4-nothing.

We knew this game was going to be a blow out…the only reason we showed up, was because we were also at the girl’s game. Morillion aims for the far side and connects for #2 and the rout was on, as Jackson was in control leading 5-nil at this point.

…and it got worse for the home team Broncs…Horstmann is on a fast break…he’ll sucker Frost in, but to the goalie’s credit…he did not have much of a chance on that one. The hat trick is now complete and the scoreboard shows 6 for the visitors and none for the home team.

Actually you got to hand it to Jackson a little bit…for a team that has not played in 4 weeks going into this game and the one the day before this…they look like they have not missed a beat. Elliot Trott’s shot is blocked, but James Ablondi would come off the bench to clean up the mess. The JV players were getting it done as well, and now it’s a 7-zip game.

Ok…last one…sometimes, you got to take your lumps and Cody did…Leonel Garcia looks like he’s going to do something fancy and then just keeps the ball on the ground, and it will cross the line. That’s enough…this game was over a long time ago. Jackson would give Cody the business to the tune of 8-nil.