Highlights of the Friday, March 15th Boys Soccer game, between 3A Jackson at 4A Kelly Walsh.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game.

In a match-up of champion vs. champion, the 3A Broncs establish themselves as the better of the two, to start the season.



Of course I know how much time is left on the game clock…no need to ask the referees.

Jackson at Kelly Walsh…in a matchup of 3A champ vs. 4A champ…first half…Kelly Walsh wearing the white…trying the corner kick-header combo, and as you saw, Austin Zimmerman put just a bit too much on his end of the deal. He had the right idea though.

On the other end…Jackson was on the move…Juan Morrilon feeds the ball ahead to Will Horstman…but Brandon Neff saw that one coming and he’ll break up the play, which is what any goalie is supposed to do.

Moving on…the Broncs were crowding the box, but the defense wasn’t given them any room…so they decide to take it outside…Creel Smith from 25 yards out and that one almost got by Neff, but he would recover with inches to spare, and save a goal against his team.

The Trojans would try the corner kick play again…this time it would work as Zimmerman kept his head down and connect for the score, to put his team on the board first, leading 1-nil.

The boys in black were looking for an equalizer…and got some help thanks to a penalty in the box. Morrilon with a PK try…Neff would break in the right direction, but the ball was just a little too quick. Morrilon was the 3rd leading scorer in the state class 3A last year. This game is tied at 1 going into halftime.

2nd half…both teams now going in the opposite direction…Neff had a hard time minding the net…if it wasn’t from stopping shots from the opposition…it was from being stepped on, tripped over, and beat up by his own team-mates. Just a little lesson in tough love…he was all right.

However the senior had his good moments as well…Jackson trying from close range…and access denied. It was not long after that though…that his luck went south for the rest of the game.

Later…the Broncs were stepping up their attack…but they got a little bit ahead of themselves…Horstman centers the pass to Morrilon who was quick to redirect the ball into the net…one problem…the line judge caught him offsides…no goal, so this contest is still deadlocked at 1.

It did not take long to correct that mistake…this time it’s James Lummis taking the assist…he wants the top shelf corner and he’s got it and he knows it…he’s a senior after-all, and that would give the defending 3A champs a 2-to-1 lead.

There was more to come…number 1 was not listed on the varsity roster…but he’s aiming for the far side of the net…just out of Neff’s reach. His team-mates know who he is…that guy who scored goal #3…and now his team has a 3-to-1.

The boys in black were not done…Morrilon is on the attack but he’ll get tripped in the box…that’s what happened last time. He’s ok with it, because he knows what’s coming.

Time for another penalty kick…the sophomore keeps it on the ground and Neff would break in the wrong direction, which makes for an easy goal. His second of the contest, and that would give Jackson a 4-to-1 lead.

The Broncs were using this game to send a message that they are still the team to beat in 3A…Christian Morales wants the far side….check please. I’ll take this dinner to go. The visitors open the season in dominating fashion, by crushing the Trojans, 5-to-1.