Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, March 28th 3A Boys Soccer Game, between Star Valley at Jackson.

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The Broncs broke through on a number of quick strike opportunities and held the Braves to 1 shot on goal, in a 3A Southwest quadrant game.



We actually had decent weather for a soccer game and people were out enjoying it...and it's late March in Wyoming. I'm not complaining...I was rather comfortable myself.

Star Valley at Jackson...first half...Jackson wearing the white...already up 1-nothing on a Juan Morillon quick strike free kick that we blinked on and missed...the senior would try for goal #2, but this time the Star Valley goalie was ready for it. Sorry we don't have a name...#55 was not on the roster, but his team knows who he is.

Meanwhile...the Broncs were very quick and very aggressive in this game. The first shot will be blocked by the Star Valley defense...but Tristan Wagner was not that far away and slip it though for a goal. We almost blinked on that one as well. These guys were not messing is already 2-nil and the season for them just started.

Like I said...they were quick at times...and the camera had a hard time keeping's Jimmy Hessler from roughly 20 yards away...and did that shot go in? Apparently it did! It's stuck in the back corner. The defending state champs came to play! They were up 3-zip going into halftime.

Second half...the home team was still going at it...Morillon is going to lead this attack by myself...he ran about half of the field, only to get denied in the end...keep your eye on him...he led the state in scoring 2 years ago, and last year he came up a little short due to injuries.

Later...if you can't get the goal...get the assist. Morillon sets up Kevin Krause and #17 knocks it took us a moment to find him afterwards. If these highlights look one sided...that's because the game was one-sided...that's enough...Jackson wins in a rout...4-nil.