Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, May 10th, 3A boys soccer game, between #5 Powell at #1 Jackson.

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The Broncs came out firing on all cylinders, and gave the Panthers the business, ahead of the state tournament.



If there's one thing that any determined athlete knows about spring-time in's that it does not exist most of the time...but the games go on regardless!

#5 Powell at #1 Jackson...first half...Jackson wearing the white...and they caught the defense napping a bit on this free kick...Jimmy Hessler is quick to take advantage of the situation and scores. That would set the tone of this game, and it's 1-to-nothing.

The Broncs were just getting's Will Horstmann...last year's Gatorade Player of the Year...once he got himself situated...he would find a lane to shoot through, and made it look like a routine play...the senior had a good game, and that would put his squad up 2-zip.

Here comes more...and it's Horstmann again...check out the moves on this play...he was on a 1-man mission...only one thing was in his way...and that was goalie Sean Wagner, who would block the shot...however he could not secure the ball and it would slowly cross the goal line for a point...that was sick...and so Wagner...literally...the home team would take a 3-nil lead, going into half time.

Second half...Powell would put in a new goalie...but he did not fare much better...Tristan Wagner is going to weave his way in and out of traffic...bounce a shot off of the Panthers' last line of defense, and he's on the highlight reel...Jackson was taking control of this game, and now hold a 4-nothing advantage.

...and they were not done....Juan Morrilon will put on a move...the junior sees an opening and he'll take it, but the shot was too strong and will hit the cross-bar and stay in play...Kevin Krause ended up getting the rebound and he would apply a lighter touch on the putback try and that got the job's not always about style...just put enough on the kick to get that ball into the net...the scoreboard reads 5-zip.

Later...the snow would try to play it's hand on this highlight...but it did not bother Jackson one bit...Morrilon will get his goal...he had to tough out the weather to get it, but his perseverance paid off...home team goes up 6-nil.

We're still going...Old Man Winter could not stop the Broncs'...and the visitors were not doing any better...Wagner has the goalie dead to rights for his second goal of the contest...7-nothing is the score now, and they would call off the big dogs...but the JV's wanted to get in on the scoring.

Aside from the's a hint that this game is over...this is Creel Smith...he's the goalie for Jackson...and when the goalie scores a get the it's an 8-zip contest and we're almost done.

Powell just had a bad day...and in truth...they had nothing to play for in this game...just get some field experience for the upcoming state tournament, which will be on this field...Elliott Morris will score the last goal of the game for the home they would easily maintain their undefeated record...9-nil.