Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, April 18th inter-class soccer game, between #3 3A Jackson vs. 4A Rock Springs, in the Gold Bracket Semi-Finals of the Green River Invitational.

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Taylor Graue scored early and late in the game for the Lady Broncs, as they would prevail vs. the Lady Tigers.



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#3 3A Jackson vs. 4A Rock Springs in the Gold bracket semi-finals...of the Green River Invitational...first half...Jackson wearing the black...already up 1-nothing...Raychl Fairbanks centers the ball for Taylor Graue, but the header try goes more into the ground than it does the goal, and Zoe Baldwin would make a pretty easy save.

On the other end...Rock Springs was trying to even things up...Karen Oviedo blasts a shot from 37 yards out...and it was just a bit too much. Right idea...just got to work a little on the execution.

Both sides were mixing up their attack plan...Fairbanks would take a page out of their opponents playbook and it almost worked. Baldwin was just barely able to get a hand on the ball, and knock it down, or else her team would have been trailing by 2 goals at this point.

The Lady Tigers needed to catch a break...and here it comes...Lizeth Munoz-Meza was the one who knocked the ball ahead...and then she outran the defense to the ball...once she got past Kamryn Lunde, the junior would find an open net and connect with ease. The hustle and the effort paid it's a tie game at 1 goal each.

Moving on...RS was getting creative...this is Daysi Armendariz with the California throw in...she got the ball to the right spot, put no one was there to finish the job. Good try, but no luck. The score would remain 1-1, going into halftime.

Second half...The Lady Broncs were giving a try from the corner...and they were keeping the opposition on their toes...this time it was #28 who ended up knocking the ball away from the net...that number was not in the program, but the team knows who she is...she's that girl who made the defensive stop.

Jackson would keep trying...Rock Springs tried to clear the ball out...but they wound setting it up for Bailey Hills...and she did not miss by much. The far side of the net was open...she just needed a little more hook on the shot. Tough break.

With a little less than 3 minutes to go...things started to come together...Fairbanks with a great set up to Graue again...and this time keeping the ball on the ground worked. Graue had a better approach for her shot and outmaneuvered Baldwin for the goal. Graue was the one who scored at the beginning of the game, but several people got in the way of the camera and we could not get it. However we got that one...and it was the winner...the Lady Broncs would prevail, by a score of 2-to-1.