Highlights of the Monday, April 14th girls soccer game, between #3 3A Buffalo at Kelly Walsh.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

The Lady Trojans controlled most of the game, aside from 1 miscue, and went on to win comfortably.



This is what high school soccer needs! Halftime entertainment! This kid knows all the latest dance moves…someone sign him up.

Number 3 Buffalo at Kelly Walsh in a 3A vs. 4A matchup…first half…Kelly Walsh wearing the white…it took awhile to set this one up, but eventually Taylor Hockley will break through and gets the shot off just before she trips over the goalie. That will result in a goal and the Lady Trojans would take a 1-nothing lead.

Later…this one is a 1-2-3 combination. Sam Good to Hockley to Kaitlin Boothe. The 3 will connect the dots and slip one right in front of the Lady Bison goalie. There was just enough room in front of the goal post for the ball to squeeze in…and KW is now up 2-nil.

This next highlight ended up being nothing in the end…look near the goal line…Hockley is way out in front of the defender when the pass came to her. Not a bad looking goal, but the line judge called it…offsides. So much for that one.

Buffalo would eventually got on the scoreboard, but it came with some help…Shelby Bulfer whiffs the kick while trying to clear the ball out.  Caley Stafford was quick to cash in on the miscue, as Bulfer could not get back in time to protect the far side of the net. The visitors would take whatever they could get, and they were only down 2-to-1 going into halftime.

2nd half…both teams now going in the other direction. Not a whole lot going on, except for this highlight. Boothe is winning the race against the defense. She’d wait until the last possible second before she had to get rid of the ball. The junior did the right thing and she was rewarded with her 2nd goal of the game. That was about it, which was just fine for the lady Trojans. They would go on to win…3-to-1.