Highlights of the Sunday, July 14th, legion baseball game, between the Rawlins Generals vs. the Green River Knights, played in Douglas.

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The Southwest Division Champs would pour it on early, and never look back.



She has found the chocolate covered doughnuts...if she finds the coffee...we are going to have one super hyper active toddler.

The Rawlins Generals vs. the Green River Knights in a wood bat game in Douglas...top of the first...Rawlins wearing the red...the bases are loaded for Brendan Gernelli, and he'll bring one run in with this single...Eli Fernandez will touch home plate to give his team a 1-nothing advantage.

Bottom of the first...Green River counters...Joe Wisniewski is trying to go yard...if he had a metal bat...he might have...but he went deep enough for a double...Tyler Wood would race around from second base and score for the Knights to tie this game up at 1-run a-piece.

Now Wisniewski did not enjoy being at second...and he's making a break for it...however Fernandez and Nathan Pacheco team up to take him out. These 2 teams have already played each other 8 times prior to this game, so each side pretty much knows what the other was going to do.

Bottom of the second...the Knights up 2-to-1 after a passed ball...there's quite the log jam at second base, and no one will come up with the ball...meanwhile Phil Martinez scores on the double steal, to make this a 3-to-1 game.

Moving on...runner at third...and if the ball is hit near you...running is a bad idea...Pacheco returns the favor to Fernandez and that saved a run for the time being, but things were about to get out of hand.

Still in the bottom of the 2nd...bases loaded...for Austin Cave...and he's going to unload almost all of them...that ball went to the wall in right center field...and he'll get 3 R-B-I's for his efforts...Quinten McKenzie is already in...here comes Wood...and not far behind him is Wisniewski...Green River has doubled their run production in one hit and now lead 6-to-1.

Bottom of the 4th...they would add on by taking risks...Wood holds at third briefly...but then he'll take off on the put-out try towards first...Rawlins tried to gun him down at the plate, but they were not fast enough...now the scoreboard reads, 7-to-1.

Later...Willie Zajic (Zike) puts the ball in play towards short...this is a long throw and it was tough as the aim is off just a little bit...the runner is safe...Wisniewski scores again to put his team ahead 8-to-1.

Then it's Zeglien again...adding to the cause...the bases are juiced and this double will provide more for the southwest division champs...Zajic (Zike) is in...plus Isaiah Munoz comes around to add another...Green River is in command of this game, and would eventually go up 11-to-1.

Ok...we got to give the Generals a little bit of love...how about an unusual double play? Kody Palmer delivers strike 3...but this highlight is not over...check this out...the runner at first was snoozing and he's going to get picked off. Fernandez fires down to Lane Potratz who will apply the tag and now Rawlins can hopefully get some offense going.

Top of the 5th...they got a little bit...A.J. Vizcaino delivers a base hit to right, and that will allow Dean Samora to score...but the Generals dug themselves too deep of a hole to get out of in this one...Green River gets the win...11-to-2.