Highlights of the Tuesday, April 30th Boys Soccer game between #1 Jackson at #3 Lander.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game.

The Tigers accidentally ensured that the Broncs' record would remain perfect, thanks to an own goal in the final minute.



It’s Tuesday…ANOTHER snowstorm is in the forecast…this time, we took no chances, brought out the heavy artillery and made sure that this game was played!

Number 1 Jackson at number 3 Lander…a matchup of the top 2 offenses in Class 3A…first half…Lander wearing the white…Casey Winger had the right approach by going over the wall of defenders…but Creel Smith would camp underneath the ball and haul it in. It was snowing a little bit, but thankfully it was not enough to play a factor in this contest.

Moving on…the Tigers were waiting to pounce and here it comes. Great pass by Winger as one defender will miss…Kyle Leemon is open and he’ll cash in on the far side as the defense reacted too late. The junior will add to his goal total. He’s the leading scorer in the state coming into this game, and he just gave his team a 1-nothing lead.

On the other end…Jackson was still trying to find their stride…they would work the ball inside to Juan Morillon, and watch the fast reaction by goalie Jess Oldham. Knocking the ball up, over and out of bounds was about the only thing that he could do. That saved a goal, and preserved a 1-nil advantage for his team, going into halftime.

Second half…both teams now going in the other direction…this is usually when the Broncs find their giddy-up and go. In fact, it took all of 3 minutes for their 1-2 combination to click…Morillion slips the assist through 3 defenders to Will Horstmann who fakes out Oldham and goes the other way into the net. That’s what they do and it’s hard to stop. This contest is now tied up at 1-goal a-piece.

The visitors wanted more and were putting in the extra effort to try to get it…Horstman tried to fake out a defender…no sale…so he’ll fire a high shot from just outside the box…great leap by Oldham for the block. Aside from the one he gave up, he held his own pretty well, but there was no way to prepare for what happened at the end of the game.