Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, April 19th 3A Boys soccer game, between #3 Lander at #5 Star Valley.

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The Tigers scored both of their goals in the first half, and then held off a Brave comeback, for a 1-goal win.



Their turn is coming...the lacrosse players got next game...maybe someday, that sport and several others will get varsity status. We'll see.

#5 Star Valley at #3 Lander...first half...Lander wearing the white...and on the attack...Daniel Lobera is going to try the far side, but Ammon Guild had just enough reach to bat the ball away and keep it out of the net, as this game would stay the way that it started, for a little while longer.

The Tigers then would try the same approach, with a different player...Kyle Leemon is the leading scorer in the state Class 3A...and the second leading scorer overall, coming into this game...and you just saw why that is. The senior finishes the job, and he has his team on the board first, leading 1-to-nothing.

Later...the home team would try the old corner kick header almost worked...the cross bar got in the way...not to worry...Daniel Bolding was there to clean up the mess...he was the corner got to defend him like defending a free throw shooter in basketball, after he puts up the was a 2-zip game going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the opposite direction...Star Valley had the defense figured out on this one...the goalie would zig to the near side and Dayne Abrams would zag in the other better score when you are that close to the net...that would make the score 2-to-1.

Late in the game...last year's state runner-ups would then try their own corner kick approach...their aim was a little bit better...however the header was right at Abe Lowham, and the freshman took one for the team...and he ended up saving the game for they would prevail in the end...2-to-1.