Highlights of the Friday, March 23rd boys soccer game between #2 Jackson at #3 Lander.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

After trailing 1-0 at the break, the Lady Tigers would respond.



It’s that time of year to get outside…catch a few rays…and start shedding the dog hair! You know it’s coming!

Number 2 Jackson at Number 3 Lander…first half...Jackson wearing the black…Charlotte Pierce has herself a pretty good spot, not far away from the goal…we just got to work on the aim a little bit…good strategy though.

Later…we got a loose ball and 2 players chasing it…morgan shippen has just enough angle…and slips it in just behind the goalie…that would get the 4-time defending state champs on the board, and the lady Broncs would hold a 1-nothing lead, going into half-time.

2nd half…Lander trying to strike back…Taylor Meeks will keep the ball on the ground….she was trying to set up the assist to Ella Welsh, however Faith Hamlin saw that one coming and she’d snuff out that scoring opportunity before it had a chance to happen.

This game is a rematch of last year’s title game and the Lady Tigers probably have not forgotten…Annikki Petersen is open in the lane…her shot stays low and bounces right through Hamlin’s grasp and into the net…that goal was a long time coming and it relieved a lot of frustration…this game is now tied up at 1 goal a piece.

On the other hand…Jackson will try to get that goal back…Jennifer Garcia will try for the header, however she will not get the bounce that she was looking for…her team was just having that kind of game at times.

The Lady Tigers were getting the better bounces…Mak Meeks with the free kick…and Hamlin could not handle it…Emily Schimelpfenig was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing…that ended up being the difference maker…Lander pulls off an early season surprise beating the Lady Broncs, 2-to-1.