Video highlights and photos of the Tuesday, April 1st 4A boys soccer game, between #1 Laramie at Natrona.

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It took awhile, before the defending state champion Plainsmen were able to knock one in vs. the Mustangs, but once they settled down, the goals found ways to happen.



This one was dressed for the weather...she's just wondering why can't a bottle of milk taste more like hot chocolate. That would have hit the spot!

#1 Laramie at Natrona...first half...Laramie wearing the maroon and threatening early...Cameron Skinner was aiming for the near post, but Kevin Quintana with a fast reaction for the stop...he almost lost it, but he was just as fast to make the recovery and keep a point off of the scoreboard.

On the other end...Natrona did not have too many chances...and this was probably their best one...Simon Rachou sees an opportunity but Kyle Russell read the play well and got the save...he did not have much trouble for most of this game.

The Plainsmen were the better aggressors and you could tell they were getting closer to a score...Skinner has a break-away opportunity...he's going to try to squeeze this between Quintana and the goal-post...and he did not miss by much. Good try...just got to do better on the execution.

The defending champs would stay after it...and their persistence would eventually pay off...Skinner sets up Blake Wright who will deflect the ball the other way and in for a took some work, but they finally got it...and they would hold a 1-nothing lead going into halftime.

Second half...Laramie was after more...but at times...they got too excited and it in point...Noah Snider...too much effort for being way too close...those are the breaks sometimes, but he would get one later.

This highlight was a good one...and confusing...the Mustangs actually set up the opposition...the credit ended up going to Lucas just took us a very long time to find him afterwards...we wanted to give him his credit....but while we were looking for him...Snider would score one minute later and we missed it...sorry about that. In the end...the Plainsmen would settle for a 3-nil win.