Again, not a whole lot of change unless you look at 2A.

Despite Wind River getting more #1 votes than Lovell, the Bulldogs are back on top of the division pushing the once beaten Cougars to 2nd. Wyoming Indian is a solid third. The #3 Chiefs will be at #2 Wind River Friday with the top seed in the 2A Southwest on the line, while Lovell will try to wrap up the 2A Northwest #1 seed on Thursday, at home vs. Rocky Mountain, but the Grizzlies may have plans of their own.

4A, 3A and 1A aren’t changed much at all.

In 3A, Lander is all alone at the top with 18 of the 19 #1 votes. Torrington falls to second with Star Valley third.  Powell is fourth with Buffalo #5. Saturday is the big day for 3A. On the schedule. #1 Lander is at #4 Powell while #2 Torrington is at #5 Buffalo. Top seeds in the east and west could be decided this weekend.

4A remains the same as it was a week ago with Evanston #1 with 11 of the 14 top ballots. They are followed by Sheridan, Gillette, East, and Riverton. The fourth ranked Thunderbirds have a tough road trip, as they go to #2 Sheridan and #3 Gillette this weekend. Sheridan can clinch the top spot in the east with wins home vs. East and Central this weekend, while Evanston can wrap up the west on Thursday, with a win home vs. Green River.

1A continues to see Little Snake River as a unanimous #1. Then it’s Burlington and Midwest. Ten Sleep and Normative Services switch places at 4 and 5. TS hosts Burlington on Friday, although the Huskies have already locked up the #1 seed in the 1A Northwest.
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